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If you are a regular user of Instagram you know how hard you have to work to gain followers, whether you get them by scrolling through best sites to buy followers or even by yourself. But if you search someone on Instagram and do not see their name opening up, then you might wonder are you blocked or not? Now could be the perfect time to begin searching into the matter and cross-check it through other ways. Here are many ways that you’ll check if somebody blocked you on Instagram 2019:

Step 1 – Search Their Username on Instagram

One of the best and fastest ways that of checking out if you’re blocked or not is to look for the username within the search bar. Usually, whenever we tend to search anyone’s name, their account comes on top. it always comes faster if you have a history of visiting their account. although you have got entered the full username on the search bar and their account doesn’t show up suggests that you have been blocked. On the opposite hand, if finally you do come across their profile and after you open it shows No Posts nonetheless, then it suggests that you’re blocked from viewing.

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Step 2 – Search for Profiles in the Comment Section

If you open any comment section wherever there was a comment from that profile in recent times, explore for the comment once more. Or if you know about which accounts they follow or that post they liked or commented on, you may need to visualize that post and their profile. when you come upon their profile, click on their username and ensure whether or not you’re blocked or not.

Yet again if you’re blocked you’ll not be able to see any posts on their profile. you’ll need to visualize the best sites to buy followers if you are concerned about losing one.

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Step 3 – Search for them in Tagged Photos option

Just like you explore for their comment, now you’ll try and find them in any tagged photos.

Go to their friends or followers account and see for any image of them along. although you’re blocked a tag will still be seen with their name. Open the link and you’ll be directed to their profile. If you’re blocked you’ll see no posts on their profile.

How to check if you are blocked if you blocked them first:

If you wish to know you’re blocked or not and you have got already blocked that profile, then you’ll ought to first unblock them, search for them, you’ll need to look their profile, rummage around for their comments underneath any posts or check their tag in any of their pictures to verify whether or not you’re blocked or not. If you’re blocked, you’ll not see any posts accessible on their profile. If you are not happy with the decrease in followers then search for the Buy Subscribers.