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Decentralized finance is becoming more and more popular. It helps users from all over the world to enjoy convenient, fast and secure transfers. Today we are going to talk about dApps (decentralized apps). These applications are built on a particular blockchain network and allow users to perform certain actions without intermediaries like banks.

The dApp functions with the help of smart-contract technology, which allows for increased automation of transactions and provides transparency and greater security. You will learn more about how to use them properly, what varieties there are and what their mechanics are in what follows.

Decentralization as the foundation of DApp

Question: what is a dapp? As mentioned earlier, dApp is based on blockchain technology, due to which the main advantages are preserved, such as:

– security of transactions, assets and user’s personal data;

– transparency of all transactions

– the absence of unnecessary commissions, as all transactions are direct

dApp uses open code and a unique database to control transactions. One should not forget that decentralized applications do not have any main body that can cancel a transaction and impose censorship simply because it does not like it. A dApp doesn’t have a central server that controls everything else. Here all the data is distributed equally among the nodes. This approach makes these applications more reliable for the users in case of malfunctioning with one node, the others easily replace it. At the same time, conventional applications are susceptible to hacking and are controlled by a single authority, which increases the risk of censorship.

Defiway on the working principles and main features of dApps

So, dApps are blockchain-based applications. Due to this approach, a whole decentralized system is created. Each block of such a chain has information about the transactions of a particular user, and once one block is added to another, the previous one cannot be changed. Such blocks have powerful security in the form of smart contract cryptography. Legitimacy is provided by smart-contracts that work automatically if all conditions are met.

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Smart contracts are the best protection against fraud as they minimize human influence on the transaction. Another feature of dApps is the fact that it provides process automation. It is easy to guess that such technology has been used in many areas of our lives.

Now you probably have a question: what about the design and functionality of such applications? As in the case of regular applications, dApps have developers and designers who work on their aspects of the program, and it’s just that they use only decentralized principles of work. The main goal of dApps is to leave the complex blockchain technology in the backend and do everything possible to make it easy and convenient for the user. Here are a couple of examples of such apps:

– Brave Browser. A novelty in this sphere, it is a decentralized browser that makes gifts to its users in the form of BAT cryptocurrency for certain activities

– Uniswap. dApp exchange, trade simply and without intermediaries.

– Gitcoin. Like some open-source project? You can fund it on this platform.

Since this topic is vast, we advise you to visit Defiway blog, where you will learn more helpful information about blockchain.

Defiway overview of the main types of dApps

So, there are three main types of dApps worldwide, each complementing each other and fulfilling a different function.

The first type is blockchain-based infrastructure. In such applications, the blockchain only serves as a basis for realizing a specific function. Such applications are wholly decentralized and do not depend on anyone. Bright representatives of such technology are Ethereum or Litecoin. In addition to such functionality, the first type is also used in supply management and DeFi.

The second type is a kind of trading platform based on decentralization. On it, any user can freely buy or sell various items or provide services for payment in cryptocurrency. But this type does not have cryptocurrency, so you must use the existing ones based on Ethereum. Often the second type of dApps is built on the infrastructure of the first type.

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The third type is needed to create decentralized autonomous organizations. It is not hard to guess that they are based on blockchain. Financial systems, social networks, games and other things use the third type. This functionality is needed if the user needs to implement decentralized management and decision-making.

If you want a more detailed analysis, look for it on the Defiway website.

Why dApps are needed in practice: tips and recommendations from Defiway

This topic may seem too complicated for a user who knows nothing about decentralized finance and has no idea that an application can work without a central server. This is just a first impression, and it is notoriously deceptive. Here is a brief instruction on how to get started using dApps:

– First and most importantly, ensure the app is suitable for your device. If you don’t have the right specs, you won’t be able to use dApps properly.

– Be sure to follow what is written on the screen. The whole point is that each app has its own login and operation instructions

– Before using it, study all the interface elements and determine what each button is responsible for.

– Start with the simple. Even if you are an advanced user, you can make mistakes. Remember that.

– Always keep in mind the security of your assets and personal data. Do not trust suspicious applications.

Finally, I would like to remind you that you should not trust applications that guarantee you a quick profit in a short period. Often fraudsters hide under such beautiful fairy tales. Two-factor authentication, separate addresses, and constant updates will help you to stay safe.

dApps are the future of apps

Over time, dApps will fill the application market, as they are unique technologies. They allow you to achieve higher security, profitability, comfort, and transaction speed. This is not a complete list of advantages that dApps offer. We advise you to start taking an interest in this topic now always to be current. Be sure to visit the Defiway blog, which provides detailed and straightforward information about cryptocurrencies, decentralized finance, and applications.