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Organizations have rapidly evolved to adapt to a fast-paced world brought about by the perpetual advancement of technology. To address the growing need for efficiency in all human processes, HR automation has proved to be one of the game-changers in streamlining human resource management. 

One of the forefronts of this industry with exceptional track record and industry knowledge is the company Vault Verify. It specializes in employment, and income verification automation service that helps businesses of all sizes verify the employment and income of their applicants and employees. This guide will help you expand your knowledge of HR automation and how you would benefit from Vault Verify Employment & Income Verification Automation and other critical processes that can be automated.

What is HR Automation, and Why is it Important?

One can say that human resources lie at the heart of every organization. It is essentially responsible for all activities relating to the entire workforce and other admin processes that are easily overlooked. And like how a heart pumps blood into our veins every day, most of those responsibilities involve repetitive tasks.


Facing constant organizational changes in the advent of new developments in the work dynamics, HR professionals are left burned out for the added workload and stress brought forth by these changes. It comes as an unfortunate surprise that 36% of HR professionals still claim that they do not have the technology to help with tasks that are better outsourced. 


Now, with HR professionals grappling to deal with several undertakings, 36% of HR leaders have said that there are not enough resources to recruit top talents. That in itself is problematic, as personnel retention and training will require more demands in the already dwindling resources. 

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This is where HR Automation comes in with the goal of easing you out of bothersome but crucial administrative tasks so you can focus on more important HR goals. Its scope usually varies among various platforms. Essentially, it can be incorporated from recruiting new talent, onboarding new employees, tracking time and attendance, to managing employee information and payroll.


How can Vault Verify help?


Vault Verify, as an all-in-one HR automation platform, provides services that are critical but can be easily automated. At no-cost integration nor monthly fees, you will be provided with fully compliant employment and income verification services that also reduce your data exposure by 99%. Let’s delve deeper and go into specifics about the different solutions that your organization definitely needs and Vault Verify offers. 


Employment & Income Verification Services

This fully automated platform allows organizations to have a clearer view of workflow on the verification process. Instead of suffering from constant backlogs in applicant and employee verification, outsourcing it to credentialed verifiers instead. Vault Verify also stands alone from other HR automation platforms with its revenue-sharing model that offers ongoing financial incentives and encourages HR to focus on ROI.


I-9 Management

Vault Verify gifts you with more time to focus on more critical priorities by simplifying the complex and often challenging burden of the I-9 Management and Compliance Process. The intuitive platform and automated E-Verify confirmation services allow HR professionals to respond quickly and accurately to ICE audits with a complete, easily generated audit log. With it being online is a bonus, as employees can access them from anywhere without compromising data security.


Unemployment Claims Management

The platform is fully integrated with the State Information Data Exchange System (SIDES) and significantly reduces data exposure by 99%. They have specialists who will provide support and consulting services to your HR department with all aspects of unemployment tax rate assignments. With experts in the field, your own customized unemployment claims management platform is designed to be compatible with your systems and corporate goals.

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Looking Forward with HR Automation


Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning have rapidly proliferated in recent months; it is only a matter of time before the HR industry adapts to it. AI-driven solutions can expand HR processes in terms of streamlining workflows and acquiring predictive analytics. Both are powerful processes to aid in all of the organization’s business strategy development. 


HR solutions are also predicted to rely on software that facilitates the complexities of a remote workforce. There will be more integrations with collaboration tools and performance management software to manage remote teams effectively.


Even the emergence of wellness and mental health platforms can become a key tool for HR professionals to realize what should be a workforce priority – managing stress and overall wellness with individualized programs.


Find out more about the best corporate wellness apps that can help you.




Technology advancement will only allow HR professionals to find more AI-driven solutions that can enhance their decision-making and improve their workflows. Thus, HR Automation is not just a luxurious option but a growing necessity. It comes with not only greater productivity but also significant cost savings and data-driven employee satisfaction. By embracing automation, it is essential that you be meticulous in choosing an HR automation partner to help you cope with the trends and get you where you need to be.