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When you think of a hot tub, you probably think about relaxing in the tub while the jets massage your body. The jets are part of what makes the experience so relaxing and inviting. They’re placed strategically to focus the massage on the areas of the body that need it the most. This makes them hugely important, and they should be one of the things you think about when you’re buying a hot tub.

The Best Hot Tub Experience

The jets in the hot tub are an important part of the whole hot tub experience, but they can’t do it alone. It’s actually the pump and plumbing that make all the difference to your hot tub experience. Some home spas have pumps that are specifically designed to create a highly efficient flow rate. The plumbing is also specifically designed, and strategically placed to decrease the distance from the suction to the pump, and from the pump to the jets. When the warm water hits the jets, it gives you a relaxing, invigorating massage.

How Do Hot Tub Jets Work?

To understand how hot tub jets work, you need to look at the inner workings of the hot tub. Hot tubs have internal valves of varying size that control how the water flows. The large diverter valves move the water to targeted therapeutic massage points. The smaller valves are called air venturi valves. They push air through the water, causing the little air bubbles.

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Hydropool hot tubs have Hydroflow jets, which have the highest rates of flow in the hot tub industry. Hydroflow jets don’t have bearings, which extends their lifespan, and reduces the corrosion and clogging. Hydropool jets also have zoned jetting, which means that the jets are placed strategically to target different areas of the body.

Generally, these jets focus on 4 areas of the body. The hot tub usually has a touch screen program that shows the bather where to sit to focus on a specific area. The screen will often offer a customizable program that lets the bather choose how the water will massage according to what their body needs. As an example, if the bather wants to target their back pain, they would choose a zoned massage program that targets the spine, dorsal muscles, trapezius muscles, lumbar region, and lower and upper back tension.

Common Misconceptions About Hot Tub Jets

First-time hot tub owners often assume that the hot tub with the most powerful jets is the best one. This isn’t exactly true. The best hot tub for you is the hot tub that can give you a rejuvenating massage where you need it and can be customized to suit your body. Instead of looking for powerful jets, look for a hot tub that allows you to adjust the volume, water flow, and water stream pressure.

People can also assume that the best hot tubs have the most jets, but again, this isn’t necessarily true. The quality of the jets is more important than the quantity of the jets. The customization options are also more important than the number of jets in the tub, so look for a hot tub that can be customized to meet your needs.

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Testing How Hot Tub Jets Work

Buying a hot tub is an investment, so you need to be sure that you’ve chosen the right hot tub for you. Before you actually buy the hot tub, you can ask your dealer about a wet test. A wet test is when the dealer will fill the tub with water and show you exactly how the jets work. It lets you see and experience the tub first hand before making your decision.

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