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Valves are a small mechanism that controls, regulates or directs the flow of pliable substances such as liquids or gases. They function by opening and closing passageways. Valves are fitted to the machinery where they are used. 

There are certain usages where there is an open valve, where the valve device allows continuous flow but controls the pressure applied.

Valves have moved industrialization forward from the ancient times to modern times. A valve can be overlooked on its importance. However, it serves major importance to industrialization. 

Many industries that involve machinery which regulate the flow of liquids, gases or pliable materials that have valves. In fact, there are machines or devices that cannot function without a valve in place. Valves are found in almost every aspect of people’s lives that is even found in every home.

The Origin of Valves

Valves Were Used During Ancient Times

The discovery of the valve dated back in ancient times. There is no exact date to determine when humans started using valves.

Even during ancient times, humans learned how to regulate water flow. Humans used stones, branches or any types of items that could block the water flow. The first civilizations like the Greeks and Egyptians were able to irrigate their lands using the flow of water from rivers. They have utilized the concept of irrigation.

Romans Developed Canal Systems

Despite being used by many civilizations, it was the Romans who innovated and recognized valves. The Romans developed sophisticated canal systems. They used the canals to let the river provide water to villages.

The valves used to regulate the water flow were bronze-made plugs or stopcock type. The good friction properties of the material used for the valve has good friction properties. This helped the rotation mechanism of the valves. The valve was composed of the body, holed plug, and a long levy to turn the plug. There were other designs but this was the usual valve parts used by the Romans.

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Romans made a valve from crude leather which is called the primitive diaphragm valve. It is used to control the flow and temperature of bathwater. Some of the historical findings also found they used different types of valve designs to avoid backflow.

Industrial Revolution

Despite having no exact date for its discovery, the modern history of the valve industry started with the Industrial Revolution. Thomas Newcomen invented the first steam machine in 1705. The machine needed a mechanism to regulate the high pressure of the steam. At this point, valves were needed to control the steam pressure.

The steam machine was a major advancement and valves contributed a major part in its success. Other inventors created machines and improved the designs of the valves. Years later, valve production grew and its usage widened.

Usages of Valves

Valves serve various purposes depending on the industry it is used. It is highly valuable in engineering, industrial, manufacturing and scientific fields. Choosing the right valve for a specific usage determines the success of the machinery.

The main usage of a valve is to control the flow of the materials within a machine system. A valve can be used to throttle, start or stop the material flow, ensuring the safe operation of the process. Every valve design has its own industrial application. Regardless of the type, all valves follow basic parts such as the body, actuator, packing, bonnet and trim included in the internal elements. Its basic parts function to perform certain uses.

 The Main Uses of The Valve are as Follows

·       Increasing or reducing material flow

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·       Starting or stopping material flow

·       Controlling the direction of material flow

·       Relieve pressure from a pipe system

·       Regulate the flow or process pressure

Valve Industry

The valve industry is worth billions. The market is expected to exceed $77 billion by 2022. There is high anticipation that the demand for industrial valves will rise along with commercial construction growth. The increasing industrialization projects boost the valve market up. These projects include technological innovations and the expansion of existing facilities. This shows how reliant the industrialization growth is with valves.

There are various valve types. According to a study, the rise in demand is directed to butterfly valves. This type of valve is widely utilized in the oil and gas industries. 

Importance of Valves

Valves are important as it prevents backflow. It helps wastewater management systems. It is a mechanism that puts order into every industrialization aspect of society. Valves have been a major part of human advancement, no matter how small it is.

Valves are indispensable that many people do not recognize that it is part of their daily lives. In just one day, it surely held a valve. When they brush their teeth or wash their hands, they would need to open the faucet with the valve. Valves serve an integral part of people’s lives. A valve is only noticed when it malfunctions. The valve carries a huge risk when used in machinery containing dangerous gases. 

Since valves are involved with high-risk procedures, it is best to look for high-performance valves produced by manufacturers like huamei machinery.


Valves have proven itself as a major driving factor that moves industrialization forward. Despite being small in size, it is able to maintain its relevance from the past until present times. Without valves,  there is no technological advancement possible, stagnating innovation. Its innovation helped many industries and will surely remain useful in more industrial innovations.

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