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jerry lee lewis net worth

Jerry Lee Lewis’s reputation as one of the best rock ‘n’ roll performers is justified by the fact that he was undeniably brilliant at what he did. Jerry Lee Lewis net worth has recently come up for discussion.

It was reported that the singer had passed away on October 28. There was no mention of a fatality’s cause. Those who will miss Jerry the most are his wife and kids.

His career spanned decades, but with his passing, it stopped. Fortunately, he left a vast fortune to his grieving family.

Let’s look at most notable works before we get into his jerry lee lewis net worth and riches specifics.

Who exactly is Jerry Lee Lewis?

Known as an iconic figure in both rock ‘n’ roll and country music, Jerry Lee Lewis was born on September 29, 1935, in Ferriday, Louisiana, USA. He is a singer, songwriter, pianist, and guitarist. He is the last of the Sun Records Million Dollar Quartet and Class of 55′, including Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison, and Elvis Presley, and is widely regarded as a rock ‘n’ roll pioneer in his own right. His current wealth is a direct result of his musical achievements.

jerry lee lewis net worth

As a bonus, he was known as “The Killer.” Some of his works are “End of the road,” “Lewis Boogie,” “Pumpin’ Piano Rock,” “High School Confidential,” “Memory of you,” and many others.

His folks had been totally on board with him following his heart and letting him follow his ambition of becoming a musician. At school, he would occasionally break out into gospel tunes. From there, he took his singing career to pubs and eateries.

In 1995, he received a recording contract with Sun Records, and everything shifted. Over the years, he performed in many concerts and recorded a large body of work. He rose to prominence in the music world through his skill and insight. Additionally, he is credited with being the first to perform rock & roll.

In his private life, Jerry Lee Lewis has had six children throughout his seven marriages, most recently to Judith Brown in 2012. Jerry performs even in his advanced years, even though only four of these six children are still alive.

Recognition for Outstanding Performance and Other Honors

Lewis won a Grammy in the spoken-word category for an extremely limited-edition record of interviews that came with advance copies of ‘Class of ’55’ that year (1986). Following this, in 1998, the original version of “Great Balls of Fire” was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame, and in 1999, “Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin On” was similarly honored. Lewis was awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Hollywood Boulevard in June 1989 for his achievements in recorded music.

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In contrast, Lewis was honored with the American Music Masters Award from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in October 2007.

Jerry Lee Lewis’s Net Worth

Celebrity Net Worth estimated jerry lee lewis net worth at $10 million at the time of his death; puts it at $15.4 million, all attributable to his six decades of chart-topping music releases across two genres. Jerry’s love of music began early, evidenced by his constant piano practice.

jerry lee lewis net worth

Lewis, of course, did not come from a wealthy background. Before he became famous as a musician, he worked as a “sewing machine salesperson,” albeit he didn’t sell any sewing machines, as reported by The Guardian. The only cost to the clients was $10, which he claimed was the tax for winning the machines. When his deception was finally exposed, he had already pocketed a tidy sum.

He desperately wanted a record deal in 1955, so he went to Nashville to get one. Thankfully, in 1956, he signed with the Memphis, Tennessee-based label Sun Records. His cover of Ray Price’s “Crazy Arms” went platinum that same year, selling 300,000. Lewis kept performing as a solo performer for the company and was featured alongside various musicians from Sun Records.

Lewis had great success with country music later in his career. According to Celebrity Net Worth, he hit it big with his cover of Jerry Chestnut’s “Another Place, Another Time.” In the years between 1968 and 1977, he had a lot of hits on the Billboard country music charts.

Last Man Standing, his album from 2006, is often regarded as his most commercially successful work overall. He made a substantial sum from that. It has been speculated that Jerry Lee Lewis amassed his fortune through selling stocks, endorsement arrangements, and various investments.

Million Dollar Quartet was a Game Changer for Lewis’s Career

A month after signing with Sun recordings, Jerry jammed in the studio with Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins, and Elvis Presley. Million Dollar Quartet, their CD, included recordings from that session. After then, the singer’s career took off in a new direction.

Jerry Lee Lewis began releasing solo material in 1957 under the moniker Jerry Lee Lewis and his Pumpin’ Piano. The following year, he released the song “Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On,” which was later added to the Library of Congress’s National Recording Registry. His song “Great Balls of Fire” also helped catapult him to international stardom.

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Scandal and Drop in Earnings

Once upon a time, Jerry’s live performances were rumored to be earning him $10,000 each night. After the incident surrounding his marriage, however, his views shifted. In one of his seven marriages to his first cousin, who was only 13 at the time, the singer tied the knot in December 1957. His wife divorced him in 1970, citing emotional and physical abuse as grounds.

His reputation and success suffered from the charges, and he was forced to settle for $250 each night for his live performances. He quickly regained his former popularity and proceeded to put out new material.

Albums such as Jerry Lee Keeps Rockin’ (1978), Jerry Lee Lewis (1979), Young Blood (1995), Last Man Standing (2006), and Rock and Roll Time (2008) are among his many successes (2014).

The vocalist was honored with a spot in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1986. Three years after the book’s publication, the film Great Balls of Fire!, based on the book by one of his ex-wives, was released.

Debt and Bankruptcy

With more than $3 million in debt, including $2 million to the IRS, Lewis declared bankruptcy in 1988. Petitioners owe $950,000 to George Cunningham, The Whiskey River Club in Nashville, $40,000 in “claimed attorney costs” to attorney Irving Salky, $15,500 to Doctors Hospital in Memphis, $10,000 to St. Francis Hospital in Memphis, and a great deal more.

Following the seizure of Lewis’ assets by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to pay a $274,000 tax debt. Lewis’ bankruptcy was made public. Among the items on the property were numerous autos, five motorbikes, a tractor,  musical instruments, jewelry, home theater equipment, guns, and more.

Information Known About His Death

According to NBC, Jerry “suffered through the later years of his life from different ailments and injuries that, his physicians have often stated, should have taken him decades ago,” as reported by his biographer Rick Bragg.

When he passed away, he was 87 years old, and we don’t know what killed him just yet.

Singer’s death, according to his biographer, occurred at his house in DeSoto County, Mississippi. Rick recounts that he informed Judith Brown, with his wife by his side, “that he embraced the afterlife and that he was not afraid.”

Frequently Ask Questions 

Q: What is Jerry Lee Lewis’s net worth?

A: Jerry Lee Lewis’s net worth is estimated to be around $15 million..

Q: How did Jerry Lee Lewis amass his wealth?

A: Jerry Lee Lewis accumulated his wealth through his successful music career, which included hit songs, live performances, and album sales. He was a prominent figure in the rock ‘n’ roll genre.

Q: Are there any other sources of income contributing to Jerry Lee Lewis’s net worth?

A: Apart from his music career, Jerry Lee Lewis has also earned income from various endorsements, merchandise sales, and royalties from his music catalog.

Q: Has Jerry Lee Lewis’s net worth changed over the years?

A: Yes, Jerry Lee Lewis’s net worth has fluctuated over time due to factors such as album releases, concert tours, and personal investments.

Q: Does Jerry Lee Lewis’s net worth include any properties or assets?

A: While specific details may vary, Jerry Lee Lewis is known to own properties, including homes and valuable assets, which may contribute to his overall net worth.



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