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soulja boy's net worth

With the emergence of hip-hop music, this has turned out to be world-famous. People love this music, and some have taken it up as a profession too! With the utmost dedication and love, rap stars like Soulja Boy have come up. And the craze is so much so that people want to know more about Soulja Boy’s Net Worth!

And today, we are here to do exactly that! We will take you through Soulja Boy’s life and give you glimpses about his early life and more! So, are you ready? Let’s get going right now!

soulja boy's net worth

Soulja Boy Childhood Glimpses

Soulja Boy’s real name is DeAndre Cortez Way. Born on July 28, 1990, in the city of Chicago. But he didn’t live in Chicago for long. Soon he shifted to Atlanta in Georgia at the age of six.

Then again, that didn’t just stop there; Soulja again shifted to a place in Mississippi where his father bought a new house for the family. However, the exact reason for this star to change places is not known accurately, so we wouldn’t talk about this in any way.

Soulja Boy completed high school and was brought up by a very close-knit family. It seems that Soulja Boy had a love for music from a tender age.

We say this with full authority because at the age of fourteen, this teenager was given a studio. And no one else but his dad knew that his son was capable of becoming something big and thus, made this wonderful gesture.

soulja boy's net worth

When Did Soulja Boy’s Musical Journey Begin?

It wasn’t long before Soulja Boy’s family was aware of his love for music. It was at the tender teenage of 14 that Soulja Boy’s father built him a studio in the new house in Mississippi. Since then, Soulja started his experimentation.

Ever since his journey began, Soulja dedicated himself to music and continuously kept making new songs each day. It was until 2005 that Soulja decided to go live and released one of his songs on the official website – SoundClick. But he didn’t just stop there; he very well used the power of other platforms and kept releasing songs on various other platforms we are aware of.

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Soulja Boy’s Career Graph

Now that you have an idea about Soulja Boy’s keen interest in music, it is natural that you would want to know what made this rap star so famous.

So, as you are already aware that Soulja Boy already declared his love for music and made his family know about it as well, but it was until 2017 when he decided on releasing his first-ever album.

Soulja Boy had the vision and somehow put in his very best to make the album. But he was short on a budget, so he decided to make a very small budget video. However, one of his songs turned out to be a hit.

And soon, the song – Crank That was playing around the United States. Everyone listening to the radio was aware of the song play, so much so that soon this song was sent to the Oscar for nominations as well. Isn’t it amazing?

And since then, this song Crank That has remained one of the all-time favorites for a lot of people. We are really in love with this song, and it is sure to be a favorite for all along.

Soulja Boy didn’t just stop there, he kept on releasing one hit after the other, and we are eagerly waiting for another release in 2022.

soulja boy's net worth

Soulja Boy’s Net Worth

With continuous hits, there isn’t any doubt that this man has accumulated a lot of wealth. But let us tell you, this 31-year-old singer is sure to know how to double his money. Not only music, but the star also indulged in several business ventures and is extremely successful today.

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At the moment, Soulja Boy’s net worth is $30 million. And that didn’t just come from music alone; he has endorsed several brands, acted, and got into other ventures, which is why we really look up to this youngster.

Lessons From Soulja Boy

There is no doubt that this man has made his way to success and used his talent in every way possible. Currently, too he is working towards delivering his best. He hasn’t neglected any of his commitments, and we are surely taking something back home from here.

  • Hard work is what you need, not luck.

Some people literally blame everything on luck, but I wouldn’t want you to solely depend on that. If you have all the luck in your life and you don’t strive towards getting something big, you’ll soon hit the streets. So, you need to work hard, and you’ll see luck following you soon.

  • One can do what they want.

It’s not easy to manage your passion and take it to that level where people will look at you and talk about you. One needs to have that dedication and, most importantly, vision to reach the place you want to be in. And that’s exactly what we learn from Soulja Boy.

The guy looked at himself in the position he is in today. And that’s exactly what one needs to do!

  • Never feel afraid to try something new.

People literally shy off from doing something new, but that’s not right! You have to believe, and then you will see the magic happening. You may be the first to try out something new, but who knows that people will follow you in the future. And that’s what Soulja did when he put up his songs on social media platforms.

Final Thoughts

As we come to the end of our blog today, we hope you know what to do with your talent! You may have something that Soulja Boy has or does not have, but you surely have something special. So, explore yourself and strive towards it soon; you’ll notice yourself creating history.


Vikram Deo