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No one can imagine a life without a smartphone today. This small device has turned to be universal. It makes communication, banking, entertainment, and many other features available instantly. 

Such extensive usage of smartphones has largely influenced everyone’s daily lives. Using smartphones for education is now a new trend. 

Lots of e-learning platforms are now adopting mobile-first design. It helps in tailoring their content specifically to smartphones. Specialists from different fields – from renowned universities to reliable academic writing services like Essay Pro – welcome this trend as well. 

Considering new statistics on how often people use mobiles, it makes sense. It is believed that diversification of the ways how the content can be consumed is good for the popularization of e-learning. Learning content that can easily be accessed from smartphones can become even more interactive. And, what is important, entertaining.

Today, mobile-first learning receives more attention day by day. It also has its unique trends that are different from the ones existing for mobile-friendly or adaptive learning. To know more, read ahead.


Increased Content Consumption on Smartphones

Mobile learning is no longer a trend – it is a reality. Indeed, once people used to access learning materials from their computers. Today, getting both news and knowledge is largely linked to mobile devices.

This succession made adaptive designs reasonable and necessary.

Today, many people access e-learning platforms with their mobile phones and do not use desktops for education at all. In other words, the desktop version is no longer the primary one. 

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Thus, making e-learning platforms fully responsive to mobile devices is the most important trend for e-learning companies to follow.

Thinking Mobile First When Designing

Many learning designers have already realized that smartphone learning programs deserve more attention. They work on mobile-first designs at the start of a new project before bothering with a desktop version.

Mobile-first design has much more specifics than the adaptive ones. Thus, it is wise to create a mobile-first design before its desktop version rather than vice versa.

A Trend to Mobile-Only Approach

Based on the audience analytics, it is possible to decide how much the e-learning business needs a desktop version. Making its learning materials mobile-first helps cut costs. The company may subsequently reject desktop development and maintenance.

In emerging markets like China and India, a mobile-first approach to learning prevails. There, smartphones are often the only way the nationals can access online content. 

Noting all these developments, mobile-only becomes a natural option. Of course, if learning courses are targeted at a global audience.

Making It Interactive

Adaptive designs cannot compete with the mobile-first ones in terms of interactivity. Mobile learning apps are usually more responsible and interactive.

Mobile-first designs enable dynamic animations, visual effects, icons, and intuitive interface. Since customers vote for convenience, they choose this type more often.

Higher Learning Engagement

A gamification effect can be achieved through the mobile-first design. It will ease higher learning engagement, performance gain, and behavioral change. 

Moreover, mobile-first trends in training help social and collaborative learning. Teams can exchange their ideas instantly though in-built messengers or videos. 


Thus, the mobile-first design will see an accelerated adoption in learning in 2020.

Personalized Learning and Data Security

Nothing can ensure more personalized learning than a smartphone. A mobile transformation of learning is inevitable. This makes gaining new knowledge and skills more accessible and easier. 

Smartphones have Touch IDs and Face IDs. They can help protect data arguably better than encryption and passwords.

With the world getting more concerned about data protection, mobile-first designs can be a good choice in terms of security. Be it education or healthcare, software providers now work on mobile-first designs for any given project.

Productive Learning

E-learning platforms should be more invested in the mobile-first design. It guarantees more productive learning for students. Those who already tried it love the medium for videos, visuals, cartoons, icons, animations, and other effects. These features help enhance the educational process.

Thus, e-learning companies that choose to switch to mobile-first design do the right thing. They will soon see a qualitative increase in productive time spent on their platforms. 

Higher customer engagement and satisfaction promise increased revenue generation as well.


Final Words

Education is evolving, and students should embrace these changes. The brightest minds work together to enhance our learning experience. 

This can improve learning outcomes for a global audience of students. The trend with all its transformations and emerging technologies is the future of education. The more demanding customers get, the faster new modifications appear.

Mobile-first trends in e-learning are a response to the increased use of smartphones. The number of people having such a gadget exceeds the number of laptop or PC users. 

Thus, the intention to make learning content responsive to the needs of smartphone users seem to be pretty logical.


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