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Application Software Examples

In the modern era, the existence of technology has curbed human effort. Not only that automated technology even does not demand much of human resources as well. On that note, let’s share talk about Application software.

It comes with oodles of boons right from assisting an individual to escalating the growth scale of the business. Therefore, today in this article let’s get some vivid insight into the world of application software. Also, pick ideas on the application software examples and many more.

What do you mean by application software?

According to the efficacious programmers, Application software can be a single or bundling of programs. The main intention is to benefit end-users. You can recall the application software program as the program for the end-user as well.

Talking about its functionality, it facilitates the user to execute a certain task especially operating the computer, laptop or mobile.

Application software acts as the principal taskmaster. It gives direction to the computer peripherals. That means it dictates how to execute the work and what it should do.

Indeed the software determines the function of the hardware. Both symbiotically depend on each other. In addition to that, the software enables to carry out calculative chores.

Sharing light on the programs will let you know that it comprises of two integral parts. One category states the system software and the other one is application software.

Application software:

Application software is the primary one compared to System software. It incorporates all types of programs like spreadsheets, word processors and databases.

System software:

Typical software includes low-end programs. It makes you interact with the elementary level of the computer.

Classification of the application software

In the below segment lets classify the application software according to various parts. Before, that remembers one can classify the application software as per the black box method. It intends to benefit the end-users.

Incorporating user rights and proprietorship

The application software has two principal segregations. One stands for the open and closed version of the software. The other one state proprietorship and is free.

The closed and open version states that one can only extend the software application. But does not have the right to modify that. Remember third parties can use it as an additional in that case.

Free source software means that one can run, disseminate and sell among the mass purposefully. Since it is open, so modifying or reversing that similarly is not an issue.

The licensed software labeled as free allows the third party, owner as well as owner to exercise any rights such as trademark, patent or copyright, at the same time allows adding limitations or extensions.

Also, know that Public domain type software is open and free of royalty. In that respect, keep in mind that you can sell, but without altering public domain proprietorship.

The dissemination of public domain takes place in a legal license statement. That enforces certain rules and regulations valid for a lifetime.

Incorporating language of coding:

With the advancement of web technology, you can understand the clear difference between the applications of the web.

The ones penned with javascript or HTML uses a different approach compared to another native web version. Presently the web-based applications are substituting the local application easily. You can find such a replacement for mobile phones or tablets.

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No doubt, web applications are surpassing in terms of popularity. But definitely, a developer can unite both of the native and web-based technology to get the supreme result.

Purposeful output

You can term the application software to be either vertical or horizontal. Now if you count on the popularity, then horizontal type applications are more in demand.

It is because they are in extensive use among programmers. You can take the example of the database, or the word processors.

On the other hand, vertical application talks about niche based products. The design supports a specific category of the industry or organization.

Well- programmed to tackle any sort of tasks like customer service or accounting.

Application software examples

Before understanding the application software examples, note that it is a computer-aided program.

The individual program mainly intends to perform a certain type of work like the functions related to education, business and personal.

The underlined programs help the user to perform any work with creativity and productivity.

The application suite

The application or the utility suite incorporates application software examples like Open office, iWork, Microsoft office. Along with that, you can expect some of the other packages such as a spreadsheet, and phrasing processors.

Enterprise capital software

These typical software application examples are unique in the class. The particular ones present in the list are the economic software, medical bills, departmental store, time management, customer- relationship software programs.

Other than that, the software program is also useful to the helpdesk of the IT, church regulating task and producing other software.

Software for availing contents

To be honest, the software programs designed to offer content accessibility helps internet users to manifold. Moreover, other defined examples such as helping browsers, media players are also there in the list.

Academic software

The best software application examples in regards to academic software include software programs for software management, reference, learning language, and controlling the classroom.

Software for collaboration

The software programs that offer collaboration are such as Wikipedia, blogs, and emails.

Software for infrastructure and enterprise

The enterprise and infrastructure software program have the database regulation, workflow management, managing document, controlling the digital wealth, other belongings in the category.

Software for developing software

Are you yearning to know about the software application examples of this segment? Then note that it comprises of the Editing HTML software, publishing software, animation, and others.

What is customized software application?

Pondering to blend uniqueness with robust technology, then customized software development is the right to explore.

It lets the developer think out of the pigeonhole. Also, allows him to input his thoughts. Truly, it demands a vivid planning method to execute the customization fruitfully.

Pros of the customized application software

Go through the below bullet highlighting the benefits of the customized application software.

  • The customized application allows designers to experiment on the designs. They can mindfully create more than conventional designs.
  • The solution will accelerate the efficacy of any company no doubt.
  • Suppose you run an organization and need a specific type of software. In that case, you can seek customization. It will give the best of many worlds. Firstly, it will help you save capital. Next, get the exact thing you aspire to have.

Executing the customized application software

  1. One needs to understand the future requirement and current work.
  2. Select the congenial people for executing the task. You need to concentrate on the professionals you plan to hire.
  3. It helps to create a real agenda with teammates. This helps the company to reach the milestone.
  4. Before implementing the customized software, the programmers conduct congenial technical testing.
  5. The final phase of the customized software application development is documentation.

Underlined goals application software

  • Recognizing the underlined traits that you can use in the business-related task
  • The proper narration of the user-related interface and the features
  • Vital attributes of the user graphics and the multimedia oriented programs.
  • Significant discussion regarding the application of the web
  • The best use of the application software discovered in assisting learning programs
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What are the features of application software?

Consider that menus are vital for any software application suite. It is because it helps to make the presentation. You can see the menus mostly on the top of the screen and on the menu-bar. Therefore go through the below features of application software to understand that in detail:

Web-Based Applications package

The web supports a particular kind of server called ASP. It is the doorway to avail of any type of program.

The basic examples of such include word processors and spreadsheets. One can work easily with the help of the ASP but after making the registration.

You can get both like run the program and avail the data using the same without trouble.


A browser is a unique software allowing full accessibility. It facilitates unhindered connectivity to the websites. Also, shows up the web pages.

Connect the browser with other resources; you need to specify the location and address. This specified address highlighted as the web address. Precisely, you can call the Uniform resource locator or the URL.

The browser uses a special language called the HTML.

Word Processors

Word processors support documents based on texts. For instance, you can take reports, memos, and letters. You can extensively use the file because it comes with abundant flexibility.

It takes care of the overall look of the content. It meticulously checks the spelling mistakes with the inbuilt grammar and styling aided tool. Also, it rectifies, the major underlined errors like a subject-verb issue, capitalization, and punctuation.

The most talked-about attribute is the antonym, and synonym. The document also facilitates a featured option like a quest and get in respect to a particular phrase or word.

Wrapping word is an amazing add up from the word processor. The witty programming comprehends when the line is full. Then it allows shifting from one to the next line automatically.


Spreadsheet or the worksheet is a rectangular grid arrangement of columns and rows. It lets you input the information and data in the cellular format. The best is that here you can get more than one spreadsheet.

You enter a number in the spreadsheet, automatically the calculation changes with the formula.

In addition, features an exquisite trait called the what-if evaluation. That means if you replace the numbers in a cell, you will see an effect on the other adjoining cells.

The rewarded examples of the spreadsheets are the Corel Quattro pro, Lotus-1,2,3, and Microsoft excel.

Software package

The software package is a combination of various programs. Accurately it is the list of individual types of applications. You can get these in-group formats.

Definitely, cost of the group is less compared to the individual ones. The highlighted software package is the Microsoft package.

The current ones flaring in the market are the Microsoft Office XP, it has all combined like Excel. Word, PowerPoint and Access.  The below gives an idea on the

Integrated Suites

Integrated software is a comprehensive application program. The functional platform uses a single interface.

Mainly turns out useful for managing spreadsheets and databases. Also, it looks after the word processor as well.

Application software examples

  1. Database software MS Access, Oracle           Word processing software Ms word Notepad, word pad
  2. Multimedia software: Media player and Real player
  3. Spreadsheet software: Microsoft Excel, Apple numbers
  4. Presentation software: Keynotes, Microsoft Powerpoint
  5. Information worker software: Resource management tool and documentation
  6. Enterprise software: Customer relationship management
  7. Flight Simulation software: Scientific simulators
  8. Educational software: Dictionaries, Britannica and Encarta, Google Earth
  9. Content access software: Media browsers
  10. Application suite: Microsoft office, open office
  11. Product development and engineering software: IDE

You can either run the above list of application software on the system. Else simply run it online to ensure its working capacity. 

Take time, to understand the distinguished Application software program discussed on the bullets showed in the below points.

  • Software intending to conduct utility-based programs
  • Special software designed to conduct general programs
  • Software for performing the integrated programs
  • The specialized software for running a specific type of program
  • Also run word processing, spreadsheet, database, and the desktop publishing
  • Software is liable to offer two types of graphics program including the pixel and vector.
  • The software application is available for communicating like audio, video, and chat.

Final thoughts

Application software has privileged the organization or individuals in multiple ways specifically; the utility software is the most sought after. Apart from that, the customized software is something that gives a redefined paradigm to the application software.

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