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Most Realistic War Movies

Looking out for the most realistic war movies? The most difficult thing to find out is the harsh truth behind the war. Some might be satisfied by the war, and some might not. But both sides go through the same kind of conflict as humanity loses its way all the way. You can be shocked as well as surprised, but the fact the war has never brought anything good upon is the real fact. It is the leaders who might enjoy war, but the commoners become the sufferers and victims of the war that are being fought between different nations. Also, it is said that once the war is overheard you. It is inevitable, and do not expect anyone to come and save you from it as you are the only one who can guard yourself.

And then, to know what used to happen during wars, real-life stories were made. Some show the complete reality, and some just show the real faces behind the war. War has never been a happy scenario in any of the cases. You must be here to know which movies can teach you about war and help you understand the reality behind it.

Most Realistic War Movies

Here are some of the movies that make you feel to watch the most realistic war movies:


Having found the chills of the war, Restrepo has revealed the truth of the war in Afghanistan. How the soldiers walk through the place and what wonderous scenes they have to see throughout the war. The horrifying image of the war. This is an entirely real story as the creators have made this documentary from reality. It is created by none other than the journalist Sebastian Junger as well as the photographer Tim Heatherington. The movie or the documentary showed the real story and was released back in 2010.

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Black Hawk Down

Another one of the movies that have been successful in showing the truth behind the story and the reality of wars. The movie has done its best in all of its kinds as it is both action and drama and was released back in 2002. The love shown towards the movie can be seen through the rating as well, which is 7.7 out of 10. You can easily watch this movie as it shows how a group of soldiers try to go and save the Somalis who were captured by the Delta Force. The biggest part is during this time period; many Americans were harmed as well as died.

Most Realistic War Movies


If you are eager to learn what exactly war looks like or feels like, you can always watch this movie, and you will not regret any part of it for sure. You will realize how terrifying it is for those who are fighting the war. The movie, due to its realism, has got 8.1 out of 10 and has actually shown the reality that people tend to neglect. The movie has its background set in Vietnam, where soldiers fight and lose as well as die in the woods itself trying to get out of the war but cannot as the leaders tend to extend the war.

Come and See

Something that can change the point of view of those who excite war is this movie. The movie was released back in 1985, is actually has a truth behind it. During the world war, the Nazi occupation had many suffer. And you see a massacre of a family which then leads the poor fellow to survival skills. Among all, when people want to survive and leaders want to occupy, no one thinks about how kids suffer and what happens to one without family.


Something that has been Christopher Nolen’s work, of course, cannot be part of any negligence. The movie was released in 2017 and shows the closest to the reality of the Battle of Dunkirk. You must read the pages of history where you learn about what happened in the battle of Dunkirk as well as about the mission Dynamo. The movie has got to better, but it still deserved what it got, which is 7.8 out of 10 from the reviewers.

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Saving Private Ryan

The one thing that you should remember while watching the movie is that when watching the movie, you might think about why it is so important to save this particular person. But since he has lost all of his brothers, according to the soldier’s policy, he does not have to serve. But now you think, what kind of war is this that one does not know where his family is. This movie is set in Normandy, where the soldiers visit for the second world war. The movie, though, is from 1998 and has got its best reviews. The rating is 8.6 out of 10. And you can never regret watching this movie as it is not a true story. But it has its own reality with imaginary characters.

There are many other movies which show the truth and reality behind war. But what is most close is these movies and also many more. Completing these movies might take you some time. But all of the movies will be worth your time to watch and might give you your own opinion on the war.

Final Thoughts

With this, we have come to the end of our blog! You must have learned a lot about the movies which portray the reality and the harsh truth of the war. Even though war is appreciated by some, the ones who suffer are neglected. It is the commoners as well as the soldiers who get affected mostly. Hopefully, you got a new watchlist and started watching. So, don’t forget to share this blog with those who want to know about the most realistic war movies!

Vikram Deo