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sameer wankhede wiki

Sameer Wankhede wiki: Seeing actors and actresses, we all have seen much information. But we tend to forget about the ones who are behind the camera reels. The real heroes! The ones maintaining decorum and making sure the country runs well without any problem. But does anyone ask about their life? About how they have been dealing with everything?

Sammer Wankhede has been seen a lot in recent cases. And has to come up and speak up to the media as the cases require so to do. But here are some information about Sameer Wankhede wiki, age, family, and much more that you did not know about!

sameer wankhede wiki

Sameer Wankhede Wiki Age

You must have seen him working and in the news as well. Looking at him, he looks very experienced. But no one knows about his age as such. Sameer Wankhede is an IPS Officer from the batch of years who appeared in 2008.

Sameer Wankhede has been serving the country for quite some years or perhaps a decade itself. He was born in the year 1979. As of 2022, he is the age of 43 years old. It is known that he celebrates his birthday on the month of December in 21st.

Sameer Wankhede Family

Sameer has been very private about his personal life. He led a normal life along with his parents. He is known to have a sister who is a well-known Criminal Lawyer.

Nothing about his parents has been updated so far in any of the places. According to some sources, Sameer Wankhede’s family has always led a normal and low-key life.

Roots of Sameer Wankhede

In the city of dreams, Sameer found his way through his studies. He grew up in the heart of Maharashtra, Mumbai. And achieved his dreams of becoming an IPS Officer. He pursued it from Maharashtra itself.

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Sameer Wankhede Education

Sammer Wankhede completed his studies at a local school in Mumbai itself. He also completed his graduation from Mumbai.

He then pursued Government exams. And started preparing to become an IPS officer. He then ranked sixth in the batch he went for. And became an IPS Officer from the batch of 2008.

Sameer Wankhede Known Languages

Sameer Wankhede has always been aware of two of the languages. Both in school and at home. He keeps up with it, and that never changes.

As per sources, Sameer Wankhede is well aware and fluent in Marathi and Hindi. He also knows English. But he is not as fluent in English as he is in the other languages.

Sameer Wankhede Wiki Career

With all the upcoming cases, you must have heard about Sameer Wankhede. He has been dealing with the actors and actresses of Bollywood. It is not like he did not solve any other cases. But to remember, these are the most recent cases he has solved. And came up in the highlights of media.

The first one to remember among the popular cases he has solved is Sushant Singh Rajput’s Suicide case. He was the IPS Officer who took over it and solved the case.

After that, the case of Shahrukh Khan’s son that came up was also handled by Sameer Wankhede. He managed it entirely and took care of Aryan Khan’s case since it was a very light and sensitive case.

Sameer Wankhede is not involved only with Crime Bureau Investigation but also with Narcotics Crime Bureau.

After that, Sameer Wankhede is known to be solved many of the prime crime cases revolving around ministers as well.

Sameer Wankhede Wife

Sameer Wankhede has been married for around a decade. He fell in love with an arranged marriage. His wife is known to be a popular Kranti Redkar.

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About Kranti Redkar, she is popular in Maharashtra for her acting in Marathi movies. She has done well and is also a very polite and quiet nature family woman.

Both the couples have made their love brought into the world. They both gave birth to two beautiful daughters. The couples Sameer Wankhede and Kranti Redkar have given their sweet little daughters the name Zyda and Ziya.

Sameer Wankhede Social Activeness

Being an IPS Officer, Sameer Wankhede does not have time to post anything or be active. And being an officer, he cannot have his information leaked like anything. He needs to keep some of his information private. Neither does Sameer Wankhede has Facebook nor Twitter.

Sameer Wankhede Salary and Net Worth

Being an IPS Officer in India and solving such big cases, Sameer Wankhede must be earning a lot. He has always been the highlight. And has never given up on any case any tried to solve with all he can.

But nothing has been revealed about the salary that Sameer Wankhede earns and how much the tax goes. Being an IPS Officer, he pays his tax regularly. And is a very honest and loyal officer in the department.

Sameer Wankhede has never revealed any of his earnings. He has kept it private entirely. That is why neither his assets have been revealed. That is why nothing about his net worth is known to anyone.

sameer wankhede wiki

Final Thoughts

Sameer Wankhede has been working really hard and is completely loyal to his work. He is one of the most honest officials in his department. There are a lot more, but many things have been kept private.

The most interesting part is the cases that he has been solving. Each case has its own story and parts of it. He is a member of CBI and one of the leading officials of NCB as well.

Hopefully, you have found a lot of information. Let us know if you got the answers that you have been looking for or not. Also, share this blog with those who want to learn about Sameer Wankhede!


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