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Are you paying your internet provider a monthly fee to rent your modem and router equipment?

Most people don’t even know that they are paying a monthly fee to use this equipment and the cable companies are making a killing!


Did you know that you can remove that monthly rental fee if you purchase your own compatible modem and router? This is something that the cable companies like to hide from their customers because they would lose a ton of money.


But it’s true! Not only can you save a ton of money, but your internet speed will likely increase as well!


Internet service providers, or ISPs, usually give you the cheapest equipment that they have, which is usually older and slower than what your plan can support – especially on the higher plans.


Or they provide you with modem models that can reach your top speeds, but the routers are weak and your WiFi connections never get you the speeds you are paying for. The funny thing is, the cable company will likely call and try to convince you to upgrade your internet speed as a solution!


The hardest part of getting your own equipment is figuring out which ones are compatible with which cable networks. Luckily, someone has done that work for you!


Every ISP has a list of modems that they allow to be used with their network. Most internet providers only approve a small list of modems to be compatible but some providers allow any modern (DOCSIS 3.0 or 3.1) modem. Every provider has their own rules.

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Providers like to hide their lists of approved modems deep within their website or support sections so as to discourage anyone from not renting their equipment. CompatibleModems.com went through every major US cable provider and compiled a list of their approved equipment.


They then matched it up with the plans offered by each internet provider and cross referenced it with Amazon reviews… giving regular shoppers the ability to quickly and easily choose the best replacement modem and router for their provider AND internet speed.


The average cost of a cable company rental is around $5 to $15 per month. The costs of modems range from $50 to $100 (and the same with routers). All in all, most customers can pay off their cable equipment purchase within a year and almost always within 2 years. After that, that is money straight in your pocket!


The last “scary” part is setting up and activating your new modem. Cable providers like to charge a fee to install the equipment for you but the truth is, manufacturers of modems and routers have become so user friendly that anyone without a technical understanding can still setup their equipment within minutes.


It’s usually as simple as copying the current configuration of your rental equipment (that is, reconnecting the current COAX and Ethernet wires from rental to purchased equipment), and then calling your provider to let them know you made the switch.


After that, double check your cable bill to make sure they removed the rental fee and enjoy your savings!