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PDF tool

You may have many electronic files on your computer or smartphone that you always use for various purposes. Among these files, the most portable file format is PDF tool. It’s a format that makes you easily view your documents on whatever device you’re using. You can also use PDFs to quickly share them with other devices and even attach them to any email.

Because of that, many people utilize PDF files to accomplish different tasks. It could be used to produce accounting documents., inventory reports, letters, and forms that business people use. It could also be for making an application letter and resumé to apply for a job. You can do many things using host your PDF portfolio

However, if you have tons of PDFs on your computer or smartphone, it’ll be not easy to manage them effectively. Don’t worry because GogoPDF is now available online to give you access to its various tools to help you manage your electronic files. Check all of the essential details below to know how to use these online tools of GogoPDF for efficient file management. 

PDF Merger Tool

As previously mentioned, it’s not easy to manage and organize tons of PDF files in your file storage. That’s why GogoPDF offers you free access to its PDF merge tool online. The tool allows you to combine PDF documents into one PDF file. Hence, you can merge multiple PDFs that you usually use to make the same tasks done. 

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You can also unify different PDF files created in the same year or those that serve the same purpose to accomplish the same task. If you deal with hundreds or thousands of PDFs, the tool will lessen the number, making them easier to organize and manage in your file storage. Hence, the next time you’ll be looking for a particular file, you would know which file and folder to look for it. That’s the benefit you’ll get from using the PDF merger tool of GogoPDF. 

PDF Converter 

One of the tools that most people use is the PDF converter of GogoPDF. The tool will let you convert the files you have to other file formats you need for your tasks. The conversion is easy and quick that will usually take a few minutes, but sometimes longer depending on how many files you’re converting. 

You can convert your Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, and Excel spreadsheets to PDF if you want to have a more fixed and stable file format. If you have electronic files in JPG and PNG format, you can also convert them to PDF. You can visit the actual site of GogoPDF to see other file conversions available you might need for your files in the future. 

PDF Protection Tool

As a PDF user, it’s your responsibility to make all of your files safe and secure at all times. These files may contain important information that you don’t want to share with other people you don’t know. Don’t worry because GogoPDF uses technology to make your files’ safety its top priority.

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GogoPDF offers you free access to its PDF protection tool that will allow you to set up a password, which will only take a few minutes. Just upload your files on the protect tool of GogoPDF on its official website. Then, create a secure password with a combination of letters, numbers, and other characters you prefer to use. 

After that, the system will initiate saving the password you provided. Once ready, you can now download the encrypted PDFs to your computer or smartphone. That’s the easiest way to set up a password to your PDF files using GogoPDF. 


Dealing with so many PDFs in your file storage has never been easy. However, the list of tools discussed above will surely help manage and organize all your electronic files most efficiently. You can visit the official website of GogoPDF to see other helpful tools you can use for your files in the future. Hence, if you need some of these tools next time, always check GogoPDF