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With more people doing work remotely, mobile devices have become our work stations. We do small tasks on our way home with our tablets or smartphones, but they are not always compatible with various PDF file formats.

Though PDFs have been the best choice, not all handsets can view them. Most of the time, we need to download apps to view them. What format would be best? Image formats. But among them, PNG file types are mostly preferred, and here’s why.

Why Choose a PNG image?

PNG images have always been the better choice than other image formats such as JPEG, BMP, and more. PNG images are sharper and compatible with most devices available in the market. That’s why having a PDF to PNG converter can be handy all the time.

Another functional characteristic of PNGs is that their transparent areas won’t be converted into solid colors like JPEGs or JPGs during compression. If you send a PNG version of your file, it will be easier for your colleagues to make quick edits to the file, making it an ideal format for IT professionals.

If you will be working in a tech company or with graphic artists, it’s better to send your samples in a PNG version, and GogoPDF will help you with that. You don’t need to download software to accomplish this task!

PDF to PNG Conversion Essentials

GogoPDF is a web-based tool. To access the PDF to PNG conversion tool, you must have laptops, desktop computers, or smart mobile devices! Lastly, make sure that your devices are connected to the internet. Once you have checked all the requirements, you can start converting your PDFs into PNGs anytime, anywhere!

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How to Convert PDF to PNG?

The time has come to convert your PDF files into PNG! If you need to use the logos, images, or any illustration found in one of your PDFs, convert them to PNG first before sending them to your graphic designer! 

With GogoPDF, PDF to PNG conversion has been this easy! Just follow the easy steps found on the tool, and you will get your converted files in seconds. Start by choosing the files to be converted. You can upload the files by dragging and dropping them to the “Select a File” button or from Dropbox and Google Drive.

Next, wait for your PDFs to be converted, and once they are done, you now have a high-resolution PNG file! You can start downloading your PNG images directly to your computer, Google Drive, or Dropbox. You can even send them directly to your colleague’s email or your company’s messaging app.

The PDF to PNG converter gives you the best service with it’s a simple-to-use platform that even non-tech savvy persons can use the web-based tool. If you’re still not convinced, there are several reasons to use the web-based tool now.

Keeps Data Secure

If you have never tried web-based tools before, it’s probably because of one thing: safety. Most PDF files we handle every day are filled with important and sensitive data that should never be shared with the world. You will never have to worry about that with GogoPDF!

Since it is web-based, you are free from harmful files brought by downloadable software to be used for file conversions. Aside from that, everything is done online, meaning no added heavy load to your laptop, computer, or device!

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Most importantly, GogoPDF follows a one hour rule on their files. Once you use their PDF to PNG conversion tool, your files will only be available for download in one hour. After that, GogoPDF deletes it from their system. However, if you want it to be viewable for a long time, you can save the link to your file. 

Compatibility is Never an Issue!

No need to download a new browser or use your friend’s device! The web-based tool is compatible with major web browsers used by many internet users worldwide, like Safari, Firefox, Google, and more. Moreover, the tool also supports Windows and Linux-based operating systems!


PNGs are the best image file used for presenting your work to your clients via smart mobile devices. Moreover, the image format is mostly used in web designing. So if you’re working in this field, GogoPDF provides you this service for free! Convert your PDFs into PNG today.