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what did pit viper say on instagram

What did pit viper say on Instagram? Controversies don’t tend to stop. One thing or the else keeps coming up and some get offended, and some try to understand the situation. But what exactly happened this time around the corner. That is why you are here on this blog to get answers to your questions and doubts. From what happened to what is the real truth! And telling you all about the incident is what we are going to do.

First, try to remember where you heard about the controversy in the first place or did you see it yourself and then research about it. Whatever you read is well researched and gives you the exact information in this blog. No need to be confused and be assured about the things you learn. Some information you might know from before and some you might have got to know now. So, be ready to learn about what did Viper say on Instagram!

what did pit viper say on instagram

Who is this Viper?

Well, many know him through his Instagram account only. He has his own business of sunglasses, and many people follow him. He might have a total follower count of 667K followers. You must be surprised how this kind of controversy happens with a guy with so many followers. He has been doing well in these businesses, and people love his products. He has bloomed in his business through Instagram, but now it seems he’s stuck in a loop for something he posted on Instagram. Time to find it out!

what did pit viper say on instagram

What happened to Viper’s Instagram account?

Since what Pit Viper posted on Instagram was taken out within no time, many did not get to see what exactly was the post that he put over on his Instagram account. It is something that offended many, especially the people with faith in Jesus. It has not been clear about the thing he wrote on his Instagram, but many people have interpreted it likewise.

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Some are, like Pit Viper, have been trying to do an imitation of Jesus and make fun of Easter Day. But there is nothing clear if it was meant as a joke or a serious joke; no one knows that for sure. But since it was offensive, it had to take out as soon as possible. It became popular on Twitter, and people started to call out Pit Viper. Somewhere on his behalf and somewhere against him.

People took a screenshot of the post by Viper and started calling out on him. It became quite a scene with the post, and no one yet knows the truth behind the post uploaded by Pit Viper on Instagram.

Was it really Pit Viper who uploaded it?

There is no such assurance that Pit Viper did it. Since that post was uploaded by him, there has been no such activeness in his account. There is plenty of guessing going on, such as his account might have been hacked or so. But did it happen? So is the question.

All of these answers are still in the dark, but waiting for the long-lost answer might take some more time. Even though it was hacked, writing something that on Instagram, where you have plenty of followers, is not something that a sane person would do.

This kind of thing doesn’t help someone gain followers. Instead, people lost followers as it was quite offensive. You should be aware of what you have been posting on Instagram. What you write or post, some might admire, and some might get the wrong idea of you and Viper must have been aware of it.

what did pit viper say on instagram

Is this done by someone of Viper?

There’s news in the air that this kind of post might be done by someone who has access to Pit Viper’s account. There are people working for Pit Viper, and he’s not handling the sunglass business all by himself. His employee might have put up such a post, but for what reason is for sure blank. But even if his employee does it, there is no such surety. By when these answers will be given by Viper? Not sure either!

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But this has not been expected of Viper as he has been running his Instagram business for sunglasses for quite some time, and imitating Jesus on Easter Day was not really funny. You must have found the screenshots of people calling him out on this over any of the social platforms.

Where is Viper presently?

Currently, there is nothing heard of from Pit Viper. He has not come online or shown any of his actions over social media. As if he went off completely. Many of them are waiting for him to come out and clear out the confusion as well the controversy that has been created. The admirers of Pit Viper definitely don’t want him to put up something like this. As soon as it would clear, it would be better.

Some have already started boycotting Viper over different platforms, and he has also started to lose followers already. And Viper is nowhere to be seen. Now it is just a wait and watch the scene. There is nothing but only conversations in the air presently. Soon all of it will be resolved, and to not end up losing his business, Viper has to come and talk about the current scenario and the post that was uploaded to his account.

Final Thoughts

With this, we have come to the end of our blog! You must have learned what the scenario was all about. Hopefully, you liked the blog and can be a part of the discussion when this topic comes up. Please share it with your friends who want to know about what Viper said on Instagram!


Vikram Deo