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WhatsApp has over 100M+ downloads. Its responsibility of the WhatsApp officials to preserve the privacy of these 100 million plus users. In order to do so, WhatsApp had introduced some guidelines and restrictions on the usage of the features of WhatsApp. Though it was a necessity but not all 100 million users wanted these restrictions. As a result, some of the users started looking for some alternatives to WhatsApp Application. You are also a part of these users who don’t want any restriction on the usage.

Today I have created a list of 5 best alternatives of WhatsApp that you can use in order to avoid any sort of restrictions. These Alternatives are basically the MODS of WhatsApp through which you can unlock the locked features of WhatsApp.

Since the below-listed apps are MOD versions, as a result, these applications won’t be available on the Play Store but you can easily download them through the internet (no need to relay on Play Store). But before downloading these apps form the internet makes sure that you are downloading it through a trusted or reliable source. As some of the sources might give you a virus-infected APK file and that APK file can harm your smartphone.

5 Best Alternative of WhatsApp


The most popular mod app of WhatsApp. Through this application, you can do anything you want on WhatsApp. From sending high-quality images to downloading someone’s status everything is possible though GBWhatsApp. Apart from this, GBWhatsApp comes with an Anti-ban Guarantee from the developers itself. You can hide your online status and at the same time, you can check whether your friend is online or not. GBWhatsApp has dozens of interesting features that you can experience by downloading the GBWHatsApp APK.

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WhatsApp Tweaker

WhatsApp Tweaker is not a MOD basically, it’s an application through which you can make some changes in the official WhatsApp itself. Therefore, instead of downloading a whole new WhatsApp on your Smartphone, you can easily make your current WhatsApp compatible with your usage. You will have the liberty to make your selection while amending the WhatsApp. If you want you can surely give it a try.

ZE WhatsApp

ZE WhatsApp is a similar application to GBWhatsApp but it is not as popular as the GBWHatsApp. Apart from this, you won’t get all the features in ZE WhatsApp when compared with ZE WhatsApp but since ZE WhatsApp is little compact in size, you can give it a try. If ZE WhatsApp can offer you what you want then why to waste your internet in downloading a larger application with similar features.

WhatsApp Indigo

WhatsApp Indigo is not an application in which you get all the features and while creating this application developers were also not thinking to create an application that can support all the features. Whereas WhatsApp Indigo was created to make official WhatsApp look better and attractive. WhatsApp Indigo has a very attractive and eye-catching User Interface. Thus, if you want something very new and attractive then you can try WhatsApp Indigo.

YOWhatsApp YoWhatsApp was again not developed to offer all the locked features of WhatsApp. But it was created a give the iOS UI feel on the Android Smartphone. So, if you want to use the WhatsApp is similar to iOS’s WhatsApp then you can download YOWhatsApp.