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Best YouTube Documentaries

Documentaries are a great form of entertainment, especially for people who don’t like reading or listening to content. If you are someone who does not like reading books, reading magazines, listening to songs, and listening to podcasts, there are huge chances that you might be loving watching movies, television shows, videos, and documentaries.

You can watch documentaries on various platforms. YouTube is one of those platforms. As you must be aware, YouTube is an online video sharing and social media platform. Millions of videos are available on YouTube. People make channels on YouTube and upload videos so that others can see them. YouTube hosts videos on a wide range of topics or subjects. It also hosts videos that contain documentaries on different matters.

Therefore, if you like watching documentaries, you must watch the best YouTube documentaries. YouTube is available as both a website and a mobile application. Users can stream videos on this platform by choosing the mode of access and device as per their preference.

Best YouTube Documentaries
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Why Do People Watch Documentaries on YouTube?

Many people like watching documentaries rather than movies and entertainment shows because they want to gain some knowledge. They believe that their time is best spent watching content that is educational and informative and not just entertaining or comic.

While there are various platforms on which people can watch documentaries, YouTube is the go-to platform for many people. YouTube is a video sharing platform that people of all age groups use. Whether people want to learn a new recipe or know about the reviews of the latest movie, they turn to YouTube. All they have to do is take their mobile phone and open the YouTube website or app.

So, when it comes to watching documentaries, a lot of people choose YouTube. The best part about watching any content on YouTube is that it’s free. You don’t have to buy any subscription or download any video. You can watch the documentaries of your interest whenever and wherever you like.

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Best YouTube Documentaries
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Read the List of 5 Best YouTube Documentaries

Even if you have all the time in the world, it’s not possible for you to conduct due research and find out which are the best YouTube documentaries. You might read various articles, watch videos, and ask for recommendations from your acquaintances, but still, you might remain confused. There are numerous documentaries on YouTube.

Considering the fact that we cannot cover documentaries related to every matter or style in a single blog post, we have made a list of the 5 best YouTube documentaries. We know that you also might not be able to indulge in watching every nice documentary available on the YouTube platform. So, the best thing to do is to start with the 5 documentaries mentioned here.

Our Planet

If you are someone who loves learning about the environment, climate, and other aspects of the planet Earth, you should definitely watch ‘Our Planet’. It is a British nature documentary series that was released on Netflix.

Best YouTube Documentaries
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But now, it’s available on YouTube. Our Planet was a result of the collaboration between Netflix, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), and Silverback Films. This documentary series highlights the impact of climate change on all living creatures in the world. The focus was laid on the diversity of habitats in the series. The narrator of the series was David Attenborough.

The Family that Walks on All Fours

The second documentary in the list of 5 best YouTube documentaries is ‘The Family that Walks on All Fours’. If you love watching content that uncovers interesting facts about evolution, then this documentary is a must-watch for you.

The Family that Walks on All Fours is a BBC Two documentary that shows the lives of the Ulas family that lives in rural southern Turkey. Four members of this family walk on all fours, hence the name of the documentary. The gait of these family members is due to a form of non-progressive congenital cerebellar ataxia. Some call it the process of backward evolution.


If you are a sports buff, you must watch ‘Choke’, which is a documentary based on Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). Choke shows the behind-the-scenes footage of Rickson Gracie’s preparation to participate in the Value Tudo Freestyle Fighting Championship. The championship takes place in Tokyo.

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Best YouTube Documentaries
Image Credit: Jiu-Jitsu Times

Rickson Gracie fights to defend his title in this one-night, 8-man single-elimination tournament. Rickson Gracie is a popular and respected retired mixed martial artist. He also holds a 9th-degree red belt in Gracie Jiu-Jitsu. This Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner belongs to the Gracie family, which is a prominent martial arts family.

This is the Zodiac Speaking

The fourth documentary in the list of 5 best YouTube documentaries is ‘This is the Zodiac Speaking’. If you are someone who prefers watching documentaries on real crime stories, then you cannot miss this documentary. As almost most people know, the Zodiac Killer is a serial killer who killed seven innocent people in northern California in the 1960s.

You might have also watched the movie ‘The Zodiac Killer’, which was also based on this serial killer, but this documentary is a bit different. It features interviews with the people who were associated with the murders that happened. It also shows the investigation conducted at the time. Investigators and survivors have shared their feelings in this series.

Inside North Korea

If you love to see how different parts of the world operate, you should watch ‘Inside North Korea’. It is a documentary that explores life inside the country that always becomes a hot topic for discussions and debates around the world. A large number of people remain curious to know what is happening in North Korea. The reason behind the same is that the country is quite secretive.

Best YouTube Documentaries
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Therefore, this documentary provides them with satisfactory answers to their questions. Lisa Ling goes undercover and shows how dictator Kim Jong-Un runs the country. She went to North Korea under the guise of a humanitarian program.

While we have listed just 5 documentaries, there are plenty of other YouTube documentaries that offer a glimpse into exciting subjects. You can easily come across one or more documentaries related to the subjects or areas you are interested in.

Final Thoughts

We hope you liked reading this blog post on the 5 best YouTube documentaries. People often start watching a documentary but find it difficult to finish it. You can watch documentaries on YouTube in parts during the break time from your studies or work.

Priya Bhagtani