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can dogs have cucumbers

Pets are referred to as dogs as long as they are at the pet store. But the moment we bring them into our houses and a day passes, dogs become our pets and eventually become a part that we cannot live without. And with that, the paramount of concerns keeps creeping in! We often keep searching for the best that can benefit our pets. With this rising concern, a question that people are asking is can dogs have cucumbers and other veggies!

Are you also thinking in the same direction? Well, if you are and think if eating super nutritious fruit is good for your pet or not, look no further than our segment below. We will give you an in-depth guide about what’s best for your dog and if it does leave any harmful effects or not! Let’s take a dive right in!

can dogs have cucumbers

Are Cucumbers Good for Your Dog?

Well, people often wonder whether cucumbers are fruits or veggies! Some people call it a fruit, whereas some refer to them as veggies. However, we’ll keep that for another day and concentrate more on whether this super nutritious edible food is good for your pooch or not.

Cucumbers are good for dogs and their masters as well. YES! We repeat, cucumbers are good for your pup!

Health Benefits of Cucumber for Dogs – Why are cucumbers good for your pup?

Now that you know why cucumbers are good for your pooch let’s find out why they are!

Cucumbers have a large amount of water content in them! More so, they have a lot of other nutrients as well, namely, vitamin K, C, Magnesium, Potassium, and many such essential goodnesses.

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The phytonutrient content present in dogs can keep the dog away from any mouth odor! This is because the phytonutrients can fight off the bacteria that is present in the mouth. And the other nutrients strengthen the bones, which overall contributes to the activeness of your dog!

All these nutrients do good to your pet.! So, I would always advise your pooch to have cucumbers. But how and when? Well, let’s find out!

How to Feed Your Pet (DOG) Cucumbers?

At the moment, you must be wondering if your pooch can simply have cucumbers just as you do! And if you are thinking in that direction, it’s time you change your mind.

Wondering why? Well, one of the foremost risks associated with your pet having cucumbers is choking! So, it’s important that you know the right amount and the correct way to give your dog this nutritious fruit.

Let’s learn how:

  •         Get yourself a good cucumber (preferably organic). Pet owners would definitely not want their little loved ones to have the harmful chemicals.
  •         Peel it off well and cut them into tiny pieces. Giving them a big chunk can choke them! So, be careful about this.
  •         Finally, check on the correct amount as well.

Some people prefer giving their pooch-cooked cucumber. But I personally don’t like that! Raw cucumber retains all the essential nutrients, which is good for your pooch. However, if your pet is small and you’re scared he/she would swallow the cucumber, you can think of boiling it. And once you make sure they are able to chew, cutting the cucumber into small pieces will be good enough.

can dogs have cucumbers

Tricks to Give Your Dog Cucumbers!

Young ones, even older people, don’t really like the things that are good for us. And so does your dog! Be sure that your little pooch is not going to be a big fan of you having cucumbers. That’s what generally dogs do, as per studies.

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However, there are exceptions, and your dog can be one as well. And this trick is for the general.

If you’re thinking of giving your dogs cucumbers, remember to introduce it bit by bit. Just by cutting it and putting it in their bowl would result in the flies sitting on the cucumber.

Ideally, you can cut the cucumbers into small pieces and put them into the food your dog likes the best! Once they get used to the taste, you can give it to them plain. But always remember to cut it into tiny pieces.

What is the ideal proportion?

As you have a clear idea about how to feed your pet cucumbers, we’ll discuss a little bit about the proportion.

Generally, vets ask pet owners to give their pet around one cup of raw cucumbers. It’s sufficient for your dog’s daily nutrient intake as well.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.s)

Let’s take a look at some common questions most dog owners have on their minds:

1.      Can Dogs Have Cucumbers Skin?

Generally, the seeds and skin present in cucumbers are not bad for your dog at all! But ideally, we would suggest the skin well before giving it to your dog. And keep the amounts in moderation.

2.      Can Dogs Eat Tomatoes?

Alongside cucumbers, tomatoes are also something that dog owners want to know about. Well, tomatoes are also good for your pup. But try to keep something that you give occasionally.

3.      Can Dogs have Carrots?

One more snack option you can give your pooch is carrots. They are highly nutritious and very good for your pet’s health overall.

4.      Can Dogs have Strawberries?

There is no way you can say no to strawberries. And the adorable eyes that look at you wondering if they have any, well, there’s good news here too! Your dogs can very well have strawberries.

5.      Can Dogs Have Watermelon?

Finally, this is something that should be given in small amounts. Watermelon is good, but only if given to dogs in moderation.

Final Thoughts

As we come to the end of our blog today, we hope you know exactly if dogs can eat cucumbers or not. So, go ahead and incorporate this and other foods we spoke of into their diet to see them get all the health benefits.

Vikram Deo