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Can Dogs Have Dragon Fruit

With antioxidants, probiotics, and other vitamins, dragon fruit has been a saviour for many diseases. Its luscious taste is a bonus that attracts us and animals. If you want to offer your dog something like this, you must know: Can dogs have dragon fruit?

Fortunately, yes, dogs can have dragon fruits since they offer no toxins but nutrients. However, this exotic fruit can be both a boon and a skate on the thin ice for dogs. That’s why it is important to learn about the safety concerns related to dragon fruit. So stay tuned.

About Dragon Fruit

Dragon fruit, also known as pitahaya or pitaya, is a type of exotic fruit that belongs to the genus Stenocereus. Its scaly spikes, skin, and fruit exterior make it called a dragon fruit. It is mostly seen in Central America, southern Mexico, and the Pacific coasts of Costa Rica, El Salvador, and Guatemala.

Dragon fruit has many varieties in colour and taste. For example, pink dragon fruit has white flesh, red dragon fruit has red flesh, yellow dragon fruit has white flesh, and purple dragon fruit comes with white and purple flesh. Some of them can be a bit sour, and some of them can be a bit sweet.

Can Dogs Have Dragon Fruit?

Dogs can have dragon fruit, as it contains no toxins but vitamins and minerals. Offering this exotic fruit to our four-legged friends requires some preparation. Like removing the peel, chopping the flesh, and so on. Besides, dragon fruit can be good for your dog, with some exceptions. For instance, dogs should have it in small quantities, and allergic dogs can’t have it.

Can Dogs Have Dragon Fruit

We know dragon fruits contain skin and peels. In all fruits and veggies, we suggest removing the seeds and peeling when it comes to offering dogs. Well, you must peel out the dragon fruit’s skin because dogs can’t digest that leathery, spiky texture. But you don’t need to remove the seeds; they are soft enough to digest easily.

How Much Dragon Fruit Can Dogs Have?

Since dragon fruit is a plant-based food, dogs can’t have it in large quantities. Besides, it depends on the size and health condition of dogs and how much dragon fruit they can take.

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Anyway, the pieces of dragon fruit will be small enough to gulp easily. A small breed can have two pieces, and a large breed can have four pieces. In terms of health concerns, an overweight dog should not have more than one piece. Again, if he is dealing with an upset stomach, the quantity should not be more than one piece.

Benefits Of Having Dragon Fruits For Dogs

Dragon fruits, especially the yellow ones, are high in vitamin C. This can prevent inflammation and improve the immune system. Besides, it has antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that improve cognition and alleviate free radicals in the body. The antioxidant will again save your dog from serious health issues. Such as heart disease, diabetes, etc.

Dragon fruit has some omega-3, omega-6, and omega-9 fatty acids, which include oleic acid, palmitic acid, and linoleic acid. These all can develop your dog’s brain, skin, coat, and cognitive functions.

Your dog can also have improved vision from eating dragon fruits, especially purple ones. Thanks to their beta-carotene.

With calcium and iron, all types of dragon fruits can promote dogs’ bone and muscle health. Calcium will provide a bonus benefit, i.e., keeping cardiovascular health healthy.

Although dragon fruit contains fatty acids, your dog can rely on it to lose weight. According to the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture), a 100-gramme dragon fruit has only 60 calories. So you don’t have to stress about weight gain for your paw friend. This fruit is also rich in fibre, which can prevent your dog from constipation.

Risks Of Having Dragon Fruits For Dogs

Along with some benefits, dragon fruit can offer side effects to our canine friends. For example, a dog with an upset stomach can get adverse effects from dragon fruit since it is high in fibre. Some dogs are even allergic to fruits and vegetables, and eating dragon fruit can irritate their skin and gut.

Another risk associated with dragon fruit is weight gain and obesity. Dragon fruit is a sweet fruit that has high amounts of sugar. Eating too much of it can increase your dog’s blood sugar levels and weight. And for obese dogs, dragon fruit can lead to diabetes.

Can Dogs Have Dragon Fruit

The sugar present in dragon fruit is also responsible for gastric issues in dogs. They can have diarrhoea because of it. This sugar content can sometimes be the reason for tooth decay and poor coat quality in dogs. Well, these risks are inevitable when our paw friends eat this fruit in high quantities.

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How To Offer Dragon Fruit To Dogs?

Before you offer dragon fruit to your dog, wash it thoroughly and peel off its skin. Then cut the fruit into dice-sized pieces, and make sure they are small enough not to cause any choking hazards.

Firstly, give your dog one small piece of dragon fruit. If he does not feel difficulties after ingesting it, offer him some more pieces. It means you need to monitor your dog’s intake first. Then you can decide if you can include this fruit in his diet or not.

Well, there are different ways to offer dragon fruit to dogs. You can mash this fruit and offer it a creamy texture, or simply add the pieces to their fruit salad.

When Can Dogs Have Dragon Fruit?

Since dragon fruit can be risky sometimes for dogs, you can’t offer it to them in all circumstances. This fruit is rich in fibre, which can aid constipation but worsen an upset stomach. So offer it to your dog when he has improper bowel movements, not when he is having diarrhoea. Besides, it is high in sugar, which can be bad for diabetic or obese dogs. So feed him when he has a good weight or less weight.

Dogs can produce vitamin C naturally; hence, dragon fruit will be unnecessary for them if their diet already includes vitamin C. If his vets suggest increasing his vitamin C intake, you may allow him to have some pieces of dragon fruit.

Frequently Asked Questions: Can Dogs Have Dragon Fruit?

Is dragon fruit toxic to dogs?

For a healthy dog, dragon fruit would be a safe treat. But if they have obesity, diabetes, or diarrhoea, dragon fruit can be dangerous for them.

Can dogs have dragon fruit juice?

If dragon fruit is safe for dogs, dragon juice is also safe for them. In fact, the liquid texture will be easier for dogs to consume. Just make sure not to add any sugar or sweetener to it.

Is frozen dragon fruit safe for dogs?

Frozen dragon fruit can also be a healthy and tasty treat for dogs. Just keep the sizes small so that dogs don’t find choking hazards after gulping it instantly.

Can other pets eat dragon fruit?

Along with dogs, all other pets can eat dragon fruit in small quantities. The colour and texture of this fruit attract many mammals and offer health benefits at the same time.

Final Verdicts

As dragon fruit has some side effects, you must still be wondering, Can dogs have dragon fruit? The answer is yes if he is non-allergic, not overweight, and does not have diabetes or diarrhoea.

Most importantly, you need to be certain about the quantity of dragon fruit. Your dog can only benefit from it if he eats it in the right quantity. Also, keep the pieces small to avoid intestinal blockage. Last but not least, don’t offer any food, including dragon fruit, to your dog unless your vet knows about it.


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