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Can Dogs Have Edamame

While maintaining muscle and hormones and reducing the risk of disease, we require something healthy, like edamame. We dog owners would like to offer such benefits to dogs. So we must know whether can dogs have edamame.

Not only humans but also dogs can enjoy the goodness of edamame. Well, it is soybeans that can offer fibre, protein, vitamins, and minerals to your paw friend. To make this treat healthy for him, make sure you cook it properly and add nothing to it.

Anyway, it is also important to be certain about edamame’s benefits and side effects. This article will relate to them.

All About Edamame

Edamame, also known as immature soybeans, is found in shell pods. The process of having edamame includes oiling or cooking the pods with some ingredients, like salt and spices. These beans are available raw, canned, and frozen. Besides, they are found in variations, like brown, green, and yellowish-brown.

Can Dogs Have Edamame

However, edamame is a popular cuisine in Japan and many other Asian countries. People mainly rely on this legume for its immense health benefits.

Can Dogs Have Edamame?

Dogs can also enjoy the goodness of edamame. Since it is a plant-based food, it should not be the everyday dish or primary dish for dogs. If you want to serve some soybeans to your canine friend, make sure the amount is less.

Dogs can’t have the shell pod of edamame, as it can cause choking hazards. So remember to take it off before serving the beans to your dog.

We usually add salt, spices, and seasonings to enhance the taste of edamame. Unfortunately, you can’t do that for your dog. If he wants to eat these legumes, he has to eat them plain, and they should be properly cooked.

Edamame, being a soybean, has soy as the main ingredient. Some dogs can be allergic to soy. So make sure your dog has no trouble with this ingredient; only then can he take soybeans.

How Much Edamame Can Dogs Have?

Along with other human foods, edamame should be a small part of a dog’s diet. We know that dogs should have 90% dog foods and 10% healthy human foods. You must include edamame as a part of his 10% diet. As he is going to have other healthy treats, soybeans should not be the whole 10% of his diet.

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The serving should be less without the shell pods. For example, you can let your large breed have two tablespoons of edamame and let your small breed have one tablespoon of it.

Note: If your dog is allergic or has a sensitive stomach, don’t offer him edamame at all.

Benefits Of Having Edamame For Dogs

No doubt, edamame can be a healthy addition to dogs’ diets. Thanks to its loaded nutrients. Vitamin C is one of its key nutrients and has both anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. This can save your dog from free radicals and offer him a good immune system. Besides, it can cure osteoarthritis in both humans and dogs.

Can Dogs Have Edamame

The calcium found in edamame will promote the bone health of your dog and protect him from blood clotting, muscle contraction, and so on. Again, with omega-3 fatty acids, these soybeans will protect your dog from the risk of heart disease and diabetes. It will also maintain the smoothness of his coat and skin.

Edamame offers high amounts of protein, which can promote your dog’s muscle health. Besides, it has essential minerals like phosphorus, zinc, and iron. All these nutrients will help with your dog’s growth and immune system.

Risks Of Having Edamame For Dogs

Your dog can have potential risks when he eats too much edamame. This legume is high in trypsin inhibitors, which cause weight gain. If your dog is already suffering from being overweight, edamame can lead him to obesity.

Edamame is also high in protein. Dogs rely on animal protein, not plant protein. Many dogs who ingest high amounts of plant-based protein have the risk of pancreatitis. Besides, taking too many soybeans can cause bloating and gas in dogs. It is because they are high in fibre and can upset the stomach.

As said earlier, soybeans are full of soy, to which most dogs are allergic. If your dog has this allergy, he will have rashes, inflammation, and itchiness from eating edamame.

These beans have estrogenic properties that can disrupt male hormones. If you don’t want your male dog’s fertility to be affected, better avoid edamame for him.

Ways To Offer Edamame To Dogs

No matter how you offer edamame to dogs, make sure they are fresh. To prepare this dish, you must wash the beans first after taking them out of the shell pods.

You can steam, bake, or boil the legumes. Just be certain not to add any salt, spices, oil, or seasonings. If your dog has difficulties with digestion, you can mash the beans after they become tender.

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Raw edamame can also be an alternate way to offer dogs, but it would be risky. It is because raw beans are hard, and dogs can have intestinal blockages from having them.

Note: It would be best if you boiled edamame. This will release oligosaccharides, also known as prebiotics. They include Streptococcus thermophilus, Bifidobacterium lactis, and Lactobacillus acidophilus. These prebiotics, or natural sugars, will maintain your dog’s gut health in such a way that raw edamame can’t.

When Can Dogs Have Edamame?

Although edamame is high in nutrients, it can not always be a boon for dogs. Since it offers some side effects, you must be certain when you can offer this treat to them.

First, you have to check whether your dog is allergic to edamame or not. You can try offering him one cooked bean. Then observe his reaction. Is he vomiting or having watery poop? If not, you may offer him some more beans. Also, check out his reactions. If you think he is feeling irritated, maybe he is allergic. But if he seems comfortable, you can offer these legumes to him.

Edamame is high in fibre. It means it can’t help a dog with an upset stomach, but constipation can. So offer it to your dog when he needs a good bowel movement.

Let’s say your dog is perfectly fine with edamame. Yet, that requires assurance. Sometimes, the past health records of dogs restrict them from eating certain foods. So ask your vet first if soybeans are safe for your dog or not.

Frequently Asked Questions: Can Dogs Have Edamame?

Can dogs have edamame shells?

Dogs can’t have edamame shells as they are hard to digest and cause intestinal blockage. Feed edamame to your paw friend after removing its skin completely.

Can dogs eat edamame raw?

Dogs can eat raw edamame if they are clean. However, it should be the first choice to offer raw edamame to dogs, as this is also hard to digest like its shell.

What happens if dogs eat edamame?

If your dog is not allergic, he won’t have any reactions after eating edamame. But if he is allergic, he will have itchiness, rashes, etc. Again, eating too much of it can cause gas, bloating, and flatulence.

Is edamame good for dogs?

Edamame is good for dogs as it is high in nutrients like protein, fibre, fatty acids, iron, magnesium, etc. Dogs need all these nutrients, so eating edamame will be healthy for them.

Final Verdict

As edamame has both merits and demerits, you may still think, Can dogs have edamame? The answer is yes, if they eat them in small amounts and if the beans are plain and cooked. However, an allergic dog or a dog with a sensitive stomach can’t have edamame.

Before you think of including these legumes in your dog’s meal, check his health first for allergens. Also, ask your vet before feeding him any human foods.

If your dog ever eats too much edamame, he may vomit and have watery poop. In that case, you must let him rest and offer medications.


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