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Yoga Pose to Avoid During Pregnancy

Being pregnant is an amazing feeling for every woman. From the day of the wedding, many women start dreaming of becoming a mother. They love the fact that they have the capability of bringing a new life into this world. A child is a symbol of love between a husband and a wife.

Once women get pregnant, they take care at every step in various matters related to the safety and well-being of their babies, who are still in their wombs. It’s necessary for every pregnant lady to take the necessary measures to ensure that their child is born healthy. Taking care of your health is also essential to make sure that the birthing process takes place without any complications.

Engaging in yoga and exercises can help women go through the pregnancy smoothly. Thus, it’s important to know which exercise or yoga pose to avoid during pregnancy. Some people believe that ladies who are expecting should take a rest most of the time.

However, modern science speaks against this belief. As per medical experts and studies, pregnant women should perform some level of physical activity on a daily basis. Staying fit and active is beneficial for the health of both mother and child.

Yoga Pose to Avoid During Pregnancy
Image Credit: FirstCry Parenting

Why Is It Necessary to Get Physical Activity During Pregnancy?

Many women continue discharging their professional responsibilities until a few days before the delivery date. Those who are not doing a job tend to do some household chores and other tasks. Unlike previous times, women these days carry out physically exhausting tasks during pregnancy.

But along with these tasks, women should also perform some fitness-related activities. It’s not a hidden fact that many fitness centers conduct special sessions for pregnant ladies. Zumba studios, fitness classes, and yoga studios are a few examples. A large number of pregnant women choose yoga as a way of staying fit during pregnancy.

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This blog post on a yoga pose to avoid during pregnancy has been created to help such ladies so that they don’t invite any danger unknowingly. Prenatal yoga, i.e., yoga performed by ladies during pregnancy, offers a multitude of benefits in terms of physical, mental, and emotional health.

Yoga Pose to Avoid During Pregnancy
Image Credit: Yoga International

Is there any Yoga Pose to Avoid During Pregnancy?

Yoga studios conduct childbirth-preparation classes to make ladies ready for delivery. Prenatal yoga is a style of yoga that is designed especially for pregnant ladies. This style of yoga involves yoga poses, stretching, and focused breathing. Yoga poses that women perform as a part of prenatal yoga are gentle. Prenatal yoga poses increase the strength and flexibility of the body of a pregnant lady.

But if you perform any yoga pose that is not suitable for a pregnant woman, you might put the life of your unborn baby at risk. Even though prenatal yoga is safe, you should steer clear of certain yoga poses to keep your baby safe. Continue reading the blog post to find out which yoga pose to avoid during pregnancy. Well, it’s not just one pose but multiple poses. We have listed them here.

Poses that Involve Lying on Your Back

The baby inside the womb of a mother grows in the second and third trimesters. So, an excessive amount of pressure is placed on the vena cava, which is the largest vein in the body of a human being. This vein carries out the function of transporting blood from your lower body to your heart.

Yoga Pose to Avoid During Pregnancy
Image Credit: Girls Gone Strong

When a pregnant woman performs yoga poses that involve lying on her back, extra pressure is created on the vena cava vein, which is already handling the weight of her child, placenta, and extra uterine fluid. As a result, the blood flow to the brain and the uterus gets reduced.

If you lie on your back to do yoga during the second or third trimester, you might experience low blood pressure and dizziness. These are the signs that you should discontinue immediately. If you are keen on doing some yoga poses that require you to lie on your back, you should modify them appropriately.

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Poses that Involve Forward Folds with Feet Together

Any yoga pose that requires you to do forward folds with feet together is the yoga pose to avoid during pregnancy. Some yoga poses involve doing deep forward folds while keeping both feet together, for example, standing forward fold and seated forward bend.

Yoga Pose to Avoid During Pregnancy
Image Credit: Vesselify

When you perform such yoga poses, you have to bend your back, i.e., bend over. If a pregnant woman bends over, the blood in her body can rush upward. You might get injured or trip over while doing such yoga poses. If you want to do yoga poses that involve deep forward folds, you should avoid bending too much.

Poses that Involve Movements Around the Core

The core is the center of the human body, and so, many types of exercises and yoga poses are aimed at strengthening the core of a person. Located between the pelvic floor and diaphragm, the core carries out the function of protecting your spine.

Boat pose, bridge pose, plank pose, side plank pose, dolphin pose, and cat-cow pose are some of the poses that help people to improve core strength. When you perform any such pose, your abdomen gets compressed. Your abdomen is the place where your unborn baby grows.

Yoga Pose to Avoid During Pregnancy
Image Credit: Healthline

So, you must know that any yoga pose that involves movements around the core of your body is the yoga pose to avoid during pregnancy. However, strengthening your core helps in building stamina for delivery and preventing lower back pain. You can perform easy and gentle yoga poses but you must consult a medical specialist first.

Along with the yoga poses mentioned above, you should refrain from some other yoga poses as well when you are pregnant. It’s worth mentioning here that the type of yoga poses to avoid might vary from one pregnant woman to another. Factors like the trimester going on, body weight, and the medical conditions the pregnant lady might be suffering also matter a lot.


You must take good care of yourself and your unborn baby throughout your pregnancy. You should stay in touch with medical specialists to make the right decisions whenever needed.

Priya Bhagtani