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Benefits of Cloves to a Woman

Cloves are an aromatic spice obtained from the flower buds of the clove tree. In fact, cloves are the dried and unopened flower buds of this tree. The scientific name of the clove tree is “Syzygium aromaticum”. It is a tropical evergreen tree of the family Myrtaceae. Cloves are small in size and reddish brown in color.

Available in both whole and ground forms, cloves are used in a variety of dishes, including soups, sauces, stews, snacks, sweets, baked foods, and more. They are even used in beverages. They are added to a dish or drink to enhance its flavor and fragrance. Cloves are believed to be native to the Maluku Islands (or the Moluccas) in Indonesia.

Historically known as the “Spice Islands”, Maluku Islands are an archipelago. Earlier, cloves were grown in Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India, and Mauritius. Currently, cloves are grown in several parts of the world. Cloves spread throughout Asia and Europe during the late Middle Ages. They are a popular spice used not just in food products but also in personal hygiene and cosmetic products.

Benefits of Cloves to a Woman

The benefits of cloves to a woman are one of the reasons why cloves are used widely across the globe. Cloves are used as a vital ingredient in traditional Chinese medicines and ayurvedic medicines. They are one of the most ancient spices in the world. They are a part of the spice blends “Garam Masala” and “Chinese Five-Spice Powder”. Cloves have been used in numerous cuisines for centuries, especially in the cuisines of African, Asian, Middle East, and Mediterranean countries.

Read About the Health Benefits of Cloves to a Woman

Cloves are not consumed for not just the taste, flavor, and fragrance that they add to any food but also for the health-related benefits they provide. It’s a known fact that cloves are beneficial for both men and women in many ways. They can help you cure and prevent various diseases. In this blog post, we have shared some of the benefits that women can get by consuming cloves.

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Provide Anti-Aging Effects

Now it’s not hidden from anyone that women love to stay young. They want to have youthful, glowing, and radiant skin so that they can look young even in old age. Well, you can achieve that with the help of cloves. They have anti-aging properties, due to which you can look younger.

Benefits of Cloves to a Woman
Image Credit: Dr. Axe

They can promote blood circulation and remove dead skin cells. Cloves can even reduce the appearance of sagging skin, fine lines, and wrinkles. You can apply clove oil to your skin to treat acne and pimples as it contains eugenol, which is a compound known for reducing inflammation in the body. Clove oil can also lighten face marks and blemishes.

Fight Bad Breath and Bad Bacteria

Two prominent health benefits of cloves to a woman are fighting bad breath and bad bacteria. No woman likes to have bad breath. Women always want their breath to be fresh and nice. If you are a woman, you should consume one or two cloves whenever you want to freshen up your breath.

Cloves have antibacterial properties that can help you get rid of bad bacteria in your mouth. These bacteria can cause cavities, and so, consuming cloves can support your oral health. Even some toothpastes contain cloves.

Promote Weight Loss

Every woman wants to have a perfect figure. While the term ‘perfect figure’ might be a myth, the term ‘healthy weight’ is not. Whether it’s a man or a woman, every person must maintain a healthy weight. In simple words, you should be neither underweight nor overweight. If you are overweight, cloves can help you reduce weight.

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Benefits of Cloves to a Woman
Image Credit: Zee News

They increase the metabolism rate of your body, and so, your digestive system works better than before. Cloves contain a sufficient amount of fiber. When you start consuming cloves on a regular basis, the fiber can regulate your hunger levels. If you get food cravings or hunger pangs too often, cloves can decrease them significantly. Thus, cloves promote weight loss.

Other than the above-mentioned benefits of cloves to a woman, some other benefits are also claimed. It’s believed that cloves can decrease the chances of infertility. However, there is no scientific proof to back this claim.

But it’s worth pointing here that cloves might indirectly help you conceive since they offer a ton of benefits to males in terms of sexual health. Cloves can increase testosterone levels and sperm count. They can also improve sperm motility. Thus, cloves can prove to be helpful for the overall sexual health in men. When your man is sexually fit, you can expect to have great physical intimacy and children without any problem.

Wrapping Up

Cloves have anti-fungal, anti-viral, and anti-carcinogenic properties. They are loaded with antioxidants. They can improve your immunity, skin health, dental health, and much more. You can intake foods as well as use personal hygiene and beauty products that contain this wonderful spice.

Priya Bhagtani