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Hoodville Face Reveal

According to the latest report, a user spends at least 30 minutes every day watching and sharing memes, while using the internet. The fact that you are reading this blog post today proves that you too also like consuming content related to memes because Hoodville is one of the most popular meme handles that exist today. You must be willing to know about the Hoodville face reveal, i.e., the real identity of the owner of this meme handle or meme account.

However, it’s not as easy as you might think, as a lot of people who create and share content online prefer to remain anonymous. The owner of the meme account named ‘Hoodville’ has managed to keep his real name, identity, photograph, and other details hidden from the public till now. It does not seem that the situation will change anytime soon.

But you don’t need to get disappointed, as some interesting facts about this meme account have been discussed in various forums, groups, and platforms on the internet. We have mentioned those facts in this blog post. So, continue reading to know more.

Hoodville Face Reveal
Image Credit: aGOODoutfit

What is Hoodville?

Hoodville is an Instagram meme account or meme handle that is known for sharing amazing memes. Those who use the internet are not unaware of the term ‘Meme’. The term ‘meme’ refers to a unit of information spread by means of imitation. The unit of information can be behavior, style, or an idea. It gets spread from one person to another within a culture. This term originates from the Greek term ‘Mimema’, which means ‘Imitated’. It holds a symbolic meaning that represents a particular phenomenon.

In the world of the internet, the word ‘meme’ implies an image that is created, copied, and shared online. The term ‘Meme’ was first used by Richard Dawkins, a British evolutionary biologist and author, in his book titled ‘The Selfish Gene’ in the year 1976.

The topic, “Hoodville face reveal” has become a widely discussed topic on the internet because of the growing popularity of the Hoodville meme account. Just like all other meme accounts or handles, Hoodville is also owned and managed by a person. While some meme account owners post memes using the accounts with their original names, others choose to use pseudonyms. ‘Hoodville’ is also a pseudonym. The name of the owner of the account is not known by anyone.

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Hoodville Face Reveal
Image Credit: iFunny Brazil

Hoodville Face Reveal: What All You Should Know?

People start liking, loving, patronizing, and idolizing those who become famous or successful, especially if their works provide entertainment. Memes are shared via different social media channels, and so, meme handles become extremely popular in a short period of time. It’s a known fact that the use of social media has increased rapidly in recent years. People who use social media to post content for personal or professional reasons gain the limelight quickly.

Therefore, Hoodville has also become popular. The memes posted by this meme account are quite funny and entertaining. While some memes are light-hearted, others are sarcastic. Many other elements can also be seen in the memes shared by this account.

Since people love Hoodville so much, they want to know the face behind the account. In simple words, they want to know the person managing this account. News pieces and rumors related to the Hoodville face reveal have been circulating a lot these days. Many claims have been made by different users on the Internet about the real identity of the person behind the Hoodville meme handle. These claims generate interest as well as create confusion among the people.

Hoodville Face Reveal
Image Credit: America’s best pics and videos

Nevertheless, people want to know the truth behind these news pieces and rumors. We will discuss a few of them here. A claim has been made regarding the age and gender of the owner of the Hoodville meme handle. According to this claim, an owner is a male person who is between 20 to 25 years of age. This claim has been made taking into account the posts shared by the account named ‘Hoodville’ on the Instagram platform.

Along with Instagram, Hoodville also has accounts on other platforms, such as Twitter, TikTok, Snapchat, and YouTube. Information regarding the net worth of Hoodville is also available online. According to some sources, the net worth of Hoodville is around $1,00,000.

Apart from age, gender, and net worth, no other personal details are mentioned anywhere on the internet. People have not even seen the photograph of the Hoodville meme handle owner. None of his accounts have his photograph. This Instagram meme account has millions of followers. Thus, it can be rightly said that the owner must be earning a decent amount of money.

Hoodville Face Reveal
Image Credit: Lifewire

Hoodville Face Reveal: What Do the Rumors Suggest?

The controversies around the face reveal of Hoodville began spreading when the conversation about his real identity started in the unofficial Instagram subreddit. A user with the account name or username “r/DaBooch425” asked other users in the community if anyone from them knew about the identity of the person behind the Hoodville meme handle.

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Some of the users in the community commented that the personal account of the person who is running the Hoodville meme account is “@thirdeye_fam”. But currently, the account with this username does not exist anymore on the Reddit platform.

However, 10 posts from this Instagram account have been archived on Pixwow, the Instagram viewer and downloader. Most of these photos include a young man in simple poses like sitting or standing. When someone clicks on any of these images, the archive of a different Instagram account gets opened. The username of this Instagram account is “@gerry”. Though it has only 10 posts as of now, the account still exists. The interesting part is that all these 10 posts are the same as the 10 posts archived from the Instagram account “@thirdeye_fam”.

Hoodville Face Reveal
Image Credit: The Tech Education

Along with the Hoodville face reveal, another topic that the fans of Hoodville discuss is whether he handles his meme account alone or has a team of people to do so. Many of his fans believe that considering the number of memes posted by Hoodville, the meme account must be handled by a small team. Hoodville shares 10 to 15 memes every day.

Others believe that the meme account with the username ‘Hoodville’ is run by a single person. Examples of both individual-run meme accounts and team-run meme accounts exist today. So, it will rather be interesting to find out whether this account is managed by a single person or a team of people. Ever since the information about the person behind this account being a man has come out, speculations have begun to be made about his relationship status as well.

Some users on the Reddit platform also claim that the owner of the Hoodville meme handle is the same person who has an account with the username “@goodtimesjackson”. The usernames of other such accounts that are claimed to be the personal accounts of the owner of the Hoodville meme account are “Prolly doe ion” and “@slymethepit”.


The topic Hoodville face reveal is sure to keep people occupied for some more time, as they are eager to find out the real identity of the owner of this meme account. Moreover, popular people or accounts online cannot stay away from the attention of people.

Priya Bhagtani