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How to Become President in BitLife

Who wants to be a president? If it’s you, you’re at the right place. Well, this guide won’t tell you how to become a president in real life, but if you’d like to become a president in a simulated reality, keep reading. BitLife is a life simulator game where you can live your life by your own rules. So, how to become president in BitLife?

Here’s a detailed guide to follow.

Purchase the BitLife Prime Membership

Have you ever heard of someone becoming a president without spending any money? Even though you’ll become a president in a game, you’ll need to spend some money. Thankfully, the amount you need to spend is only $4.99 for the BitLife prime membership.

Once you do that, you are eligible to participate in the presidential election. Prime membership also comes with various benefits, like unlimited generations, boss interactions, exotic pets, prison gangs, and many more.

How to Become President in BitLife
How to Become President in BitLife

Choose a Smart and Good-Looking Character

When selecting a character in BitLife, you will come across various characters with different attributes of happiness, health, smarts, and looks. Ensure that the character you choose has a minimum of 60 points in the Smarts and Looks section. If you don’t get a character with good looks, re-roll your life and keep doing so until you get a good-looking character.

Moreover, you can improve your looks over time by going to the gym and eating healthily. Also, do activities like reading and indulging in social welfare activities to boost your Smarts.


How to Become President in BitLife: Get the Education Right

The next step is to get the right education. First, make sure you get a higher education and not just regular high school. If you don’t get a higher education, you won’t ever become a president in BitLife. When selecting your higher education, get a degree in Political Science, Law, or Business. These lines of education will not only help you earn good amounts of money but also align with your long-term goals of becoming a president.

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How to Become President in BitLife: Fame, Money, and Experience

By getting your higher education, you will set the stage for becoming a president in BitLife. However, it’s only the beginning. Once you get the desired education, the next step is to gain fame, money, and experience. And you need to get them all.

Let’s talk about fame first. Fame, in a nutshell, means more people know you. You can increase your fame by appearing for TV interviews, giving speeches, or marrying a BitLife royalty.

When it comes to earning money, there are a lot of things you can do in BitLife. Though the standard way to make money is by doing your or running a business, you may not accumulate enough money for election campaigns through these ways. Feel free to take bribes from underworld mafias and agencies to earn more money in a quick time.

Finally, you can get more experience by improving your likeability. You also gain experience with each passing election. Players can contest for various elections before contesting for the presidential elections. The more elections you pass, the more experience you gain.

How to Become President in BitLife: All Elections in BitLife

In order to become a president in BitLife, you’ll need to contest various other elections. You gain experience with each passing election. You can contest for the following elections before standing for the president of the US:

  • School Board Director: In the school board director election, you need to run for a local office.
  • Mayor of Columbus: In the mayor of Columbus election, you need to run for a city mayor election.
  • Governor of Ohio: In the governor of Ohio election, you run for the state governor.
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You will need a minimum amount of money for each election. For instance, running for city mayor requires $200,000, and running for state governor requires $500,000.

Run for the President’s Campaign

Now is the time to run for the presidential election. Before contesting, ensure that you fulfill the following requirements:

  • Serve the governor for two terms
  • Save at least $1 million
  • Increase your Likability rating to 90+

If you satisfy all these criteria, you can contest for the presidential elections. However, the result is not in your control. The result depends on various factors, such as your likability, money, the decisions you took in your career, and most importantly, luck.

If you become a president in BitLife, congratulations!

How to Become President in BitLife
How to Become President in BitLife

If Not President, then What?

Even if you follow all the steps discussed above, there’s a chance you won’t become a president. Thankfully, there are some other career options you can choose instead of a president. Here are some of the best things you can do in BitLife.

  • Celebrity: Becoming a celebrity is one of the most rewarding things in BitLife, and it can even make you a billionaire. You can be an actor or music star. To become a celebrity, select a character with good looks and become a voiceover actor after high school.
  • Athlete: With the recent sports update, BitLife players can become professional athletes. Be sure to take up martial arts in school, followed by joining a sports school. After graduation, you can play for your college team and later get a contract to play for good teams. Becoming an athlete can make you significantly rich.
  • Doctor: Becoming a doctor may sound boring, but it’s fun, and you can make a ton of money doing so. However, you’ll need to do great at school, followed by going to medical school. The medical school will take a while to complete, but you’ll get paid well right after you step out of school.

Conclusion: How to Become President in BitLife

Becoming a president in BitLife isn’t easy, but it’s also not the most difficult. By making the right choices and earning a lot of money and fame, you can run for a presidential election. The result depends on a multitude of factors, the most important of which is luck.

If not the president, you can become a celebrity, athlete, or doctor in BitLife.

Vikram Deo