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things to redesigning your business website

A lot of business owners often wonder whether it would be a good idea to redesign and relaunch their business websites. It will be important to understand that redesigning your old business website is a fantastic idea and can drastically improve your sales and revenues. But you should be aware of the specific SEO protocols and design modules which you should follow while redesigning the website. In this article, you will be learning about some of the essential things which you ought to consider when you are redesigning your business website.

Importance of launching

The period when you are launching your redesigned business website would be quite critical for your overall search engine optimization. It will involve the planning, the transition and along with the after launch period of activities which will ensure that the relevancy and the authority that your previous website had is not lost. It would get transferred from your old site to your new website. It will also be important to ensure that you don’t have to deal with any hidden issues which can lower your rankings and organic traffic.

In these phases, you will be spending a lot of resources and time, of course, this would depend on the size of your business website and the specific goals that you have, on your redesign. Of course, it would be easier to create a website with fifty pages worth of information than one with thousands of pages as in an e-commerce site.

The Planning phase:

This phase will be extremely crucial to the success of your business website. The goal that you should have is to ensure that your relaunch of the business website is extremely well planned out and there must not be any types of surprises. There will be a number of important initiatives which need to be taken during this phase:

  1. Page URLs
  2. Extensive Keyword mapping
  3. The Title and meta descriptions
  4. Use of Canonical tags
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Your planning does not have to be extremely fancy and elaborate. You can start with just a simple Excel worksheet where you note down the page URLs on your new website. You must have a developed sitemap during this time which will help you in this endeavor. In the event that you have got a staging site put in place then you can run any test crawler from the internet to check and export your HTML page files also.

In the event that you are unable to get any results when you try to crawl then it will be most likely that the developers in your team are not doing their work properly and they are not disallowing the robots from indexing your website by adding a “disallow” option in the robots.txt file. You may well have to remove that for some time when you try to crawl the website.

After you have created the URL list for your new website, you will be able to make the necessary updates in the Excel file so that you can optimize them later. This optimization will be based upon the content structure and the page groupings which you desire to have. You should work with the UX team that you have for this specific purpose. It will be easy to identify your pages and then carry them over from your old site to your new one. By this time, you will be able to identify your pages and the sections which need to be targeted for your specific keywords.

Once you have identified the different pages and your focus topics on your new website, then you should start to plan and write your titles and the meta description tags. When you have got a running static website, then you must start with the manual tag writing.

When you are writing the customized tags on each of the pages, then you should tailor them in a way so that they focus specifically on the keywords and the relevant topics on that page. You should not forget the optimum character lengths which need to be used. When you have a bigger website which is data-driven, then you can consider writing down formulas for your tags which you want to be used for your web development team.

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The final aspect of the planning phase will require you to question the technology which you are going to use on your new website. You should discuss this extensively with your IT team and your developers. The canonical aspects of your website will be the ones which will ensure that your search engines are working properly on your website so that it becomes easy for indexing.

  1. The phase of transition:

The transition phase is another important aspect of the redesigning business website process. It will also be an essential part of the SEO process of the new website.

In this phase, you must be prepared to do thorough research on keywords to help in improving your search engine optimization.  You can consider searching for any domains to check whether they are coming up on the search engine results pages. Check all the keywords from Adwords, all the organic ranks and the different ad variations made in the last decade.

One of the most important aspects of the relaunch of a business website is the 301 redirects. If the 301 redirect issues are not addressed, then a bunch of future issues can crop up. You should use spreadsheets to map the pages from your old website and check where they would be most relevant in your new website’s design and place them there. Sometimes it can be an easy process to do this, but at times it can take days of work.

If you want to hire the best web designers to redesign your business website, then you must search for website designer NYC on the internet.

It is important to look after the search engine optimization of your business website when you are redesigning it. Hopefully, the information mentioned in this article will have helped you.


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