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LED Flood Lights

Selecting the right LED flood lights for outdoor use can be difficult. This applies to new buyers and those who have previously purchased before. With so many different varieties of LED flood lights available, it can be a challenge to establish what range of LED flood lights could be ideal for a particular site. There is no doubt however that selecting LED flood lights to address outdoor lighting needs is always a good step given the fantastic features the LED class offers.

Why LEDs?

For any business seeking to understand exactly why LED flood lights are such a great selection a review is useful. In comparison to their halogen counterparts, LED flood lights are up to 90% more efficient. They’re also shock and vibration resistant, and have a long lifespan as each LED flood light can be expected to provide over 50 thousand hours of use. They remain functional in a variety of climates and conditions, with models available across the range that can operate in temperatures as low as -20°C and as high as 80°C.

Safety Across the Board

Another key aspect of LED flood lights is their safety factor. This is two-fold. Led lights are made with materials that are mercury and lead-free – which is far more environmentally friendly than other lights made with other materials – and this negates any risk of staff exposure to these harmful materials.

LED flood lights not only make visibility at night easy, but also enhance security and safety. It’s a reality that businesses and their amenities (such as car parks) that are well-lit with LED flood lights are a far more challenging target for criminal activity than premises that are poorly lit, or feature no lighting at all.

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A Question of Size

A key consideration when it comes to selecting LED flood lights for an outdoor site is the size of the space to be lit, and accordingly how many lumens an LED flood light(s) should have to cover that space. Each site can vary depending on the unique needs of a business when it comes to lighting their premises, as well as consideration of external factors (such as whether there’s any other lighting already in the area from a street lamp or another businesses’ premises).

LED flood lights can commonly range from 400 lumens for smaller spaces up to 24,000 lumens for large spaces.  In order to maximise the effectiveness and efficiency of a LED flood light installation it’s important to precisely align the lighting needs of an outdoor site with a LED flood light(s) of the right luminage.

Illuminating the Options

LED flood lights are a terrific solution for any business that seeks to install new outdoor lighting, and they can also easily replace existing lighting. LED flood lights are efficient, effective, and durable. Their presence will increase the safety and security of a businesses’ premises. Although it is important to see the right type of LED flood light is selected for an outdoor site’s lighting needs, once this is done and the installation is completed there’ll be a very strong solution that provides excellent lighting.


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