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Android OS for PC

Most of the mobile phones run using the Android operating system (OS) safely and securely. If you wish to integrate the phone features to your other devices, you can install the OS into those systems. For instance, Android OS for PC, laptops, smart TVs, and TV boxes are available.

Why use Android OS for PC

Google’s system software is reliable and stable. Thus, it does not interfere with your PC OS or its performance. Besides, it facilitates mobile app downloads to enhance the user’s experience. You can install a variety of applications for entertainment, business, information, and communications on your other devices using Android OS for PC. Do you want your mobile games on a bigger screen? You can download the game on your PC using Android OS.


Have a look at some of the best OS versions with excellent features. You can easily install them to the hard drive and enjoy a smooth and enjoyable PC experience.

Top Android OS for PC in the market

Most of the Android OS for PC is free to download and use. Many such products are from reliable brands. However, you cannot blindly pick one from the lot. Here are the top OS brands available in the market.

Chrome OS: secure, browser-friendly system

The Google-designed system is one of the best Android OS for PC and laptops. The operating system works on Chromebook computers with efficiency. It is not only fast and secure but also easy to use.

This simple OS is an appropriate solution for web-frequenting users. You will enjoy the Chrome browser’s principal interface. Besides, you can sign-in to Google Play from the Play Store app and download various Android apps and games without any effort.

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BlueStacks: fast emulator for gamers


BlueStacks is a common option if you want a solution for games. Download and install it on the PC for a memorable gaming experience. You can access Google Play with BlueStacks and enjoy various apps and games.

It is an excellent and popular choice with millions of global PC users. The software ensures fast mobile gameplay with superior graphics. BlueStacks ensures an extended battery life with low CPU usage, as it does not demand too much RAM or hard drive space.

PrimeOS: safe Android OS for PC

PrimeOS is an optimized version for laptops and PCs. It is a reliable and productive solution that relies on Android x86. The software ensures access to millions of apps and games. It combines PC’s power and Android’s flexibility to deliver a memorable experience.


PrimeOS can be installed on a computer or laptop with great ease. It assures a comparable performance to that of macOS or Windows. Besides, you can set it up in dual boot mode with a separate disk partition. If you are looking for a professional product for managing sensitive data, PrimeOS is a better option.

OpenThos: convenient and reliable platform

OpenThos relies on the Lollipop kernel to deliver a full-fledged Android experience. You can also simultaneously enjoy the Linux apps. The OpenThos apps run in a Window mode, and you multitask easily. Besides, this Chinese software works only on 64-bit PCs without any additional drivers.

Yes, this software auto-detects the PC and laptop accurately. But you need third-party sites as there is no Play store access. Also, it is difficult to download and has Chinese installation instructions.

Phoenix OS: enhanced Android OS for PC

PhoenixOS is an excellent choice for modern gamers. The current version is based on the stable Android 7.1 version. It works efficiently on both x32 and x64 architectures. But you will need at least 2 GB of hard disk space for installation. It is a x86 version, which works efficiently on older devices too.

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You can also install it via a USB stick with 6GB storage. It ensures a superior performance along with an enjoyable PC experience. And you can keep several fully resizable windows open at the same time for multitasking without performance taking a beat.

Bliss OS-x86: smooth experience for the community

It is a flexible OS that works on the Android 9.0 Pie codebase. It is a perfect choice for desktops, laptops, and tablets. Besides, you can use it on any post-2016 Windows, Macbook, Chromebook, or Linux PC. The next offering called Bliss OS 12 based on the Android 10 version will soon be in the market.

Bliss OS-x86 stands apart for its power, speed, and seamless operations. You can configure and run it on multiple hardware platforms. Also, it is easy to customize and set up the desktop user interfaces.

LineageOS: versatile and popular system

LineageOS is a successor to CyanogenOS with better functionality. It is the best Android OS for PC, tablets, and smartphones. The software offers unique preferences and enhances your experience. Besides, you can install it in the dual boot on Windows 10 systems. The popular OS has a global community of developers for support.

Android-x86: porting Android OS for PC

This porting solution is a good choice for common x86 platforms. It works on Linux kernel 4.19.15 and ensures versatile hardware support. The open-source system also has many rich features like Wi-Fi, camera, Bluetooth, and multi-touch screen support.

The developers are currently working to create Android 9 and 10 builds. The desktop port also runs on AMD systems, but not RISC-based ARM chips. Also, you can create live USB installations and boot them from a PC with a UEFI system.

KoPlayer: powerful emulator with great speed

The popular emulator gives you access to millions of Android apps. It is specifically designed to enhance your gaming experience. Install on a PC and enjoy the graphics and videos on a larger screen. Gamers will have an immersive experience due to high-end hardware acceleration.

The software’s video capture feature is an excellent addition. You can select the screen of the emulated device for direct recording. It has friendly user interfaces and built-in marketplace support.

There are several more such Android OS available for your PC. Thus, it is best to learn the pros and cons of each solution and pick the one that suits your requirements.

Vikram Deo