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most expensive Lego set

If you have a child at home, there is no way you haven’t heard of the most expensive Lego set. In fact, with the little child that resides in you, playing with a Lego set can really be interesting! The craze of a Lego set has always been there! People love to play with this. Are you also one of them Are you also looking at buying the most expensive one but are confused with the variety of options available? Well, no further than our blog because that’s exactly what we’re going to talk about in the segment below.

We have handpicked some of the best options that are super fun to play and will certainly be worth your purchase. So, let’s take a look at the most expensive Lego sets available!

most expensive lego set

Top 8 Most Expensive Lego Sets

Lego sets have turned into a massive craze, and people are really crazy over these. And if you count yourself as one of them, the list below is surely for you. Let’s check out what the list has in store for you:

1.     LEGO Ultimate Collector’s Series Millennium Falcon

Currently, that has topped our list and made it right at the beginning is this one! The Lego set costs around $15,000. This Lego set was sold at this price because it was in Las Vegas, and it might not be the original price. However, this Lego Falcon set is indeed expensive, and you can check out the price on the official website.

2.     Darth Maul Lego Head

The original price of this Lego set is around $1255. It has around 1700+ pieces which make this set for Lego lovers to really enjoy and use for a really long time. Do you think who this is and why you must play?

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Well, Darth Maul is a character in Star Wars. And if you want to know how you must increase your interest, it’s best you watch the first part – The Phantom Menace. If you have a look at that playing with these series will become much more fun.

most expensive lego set

3.     Star Wars 75159 Death Star

Another series that can be taken as an expensive Lego set is this one! The price of this Lego set is around $499.99. The entire set has a full of 27 Minifigures in it, and there are over 4000 pieces that will keep you engaged for hours. Some people consider this as one of the biggest Lego sets, but the price makes people really take a backfoot. However, if you can spare out that money and want to invest it in something that can engage you for hours, this one can be a great choice.

4.     Eiffel Tower

We all know where Eiffel Tower is situated and how much we are in love with this place. Romance, proposal, and making up with your partner – everything is directly linked with the Eiffel Tower. But is it possible to always visit this superb place? Well, not at all! So, how about making yourself an Eiffel Tower which can stay at your house? Sounds interesting, isn’t it?

So, go ahead and purchase this Eiffel Tower and build one with your partner. The Lego set costs around $1455. The set has over 3400 pieces which is really great because you spend long hours engaging yourself.

5.     Batman Series

This one happens to be a limited series. But if you manage to purchase this one, it’s really going to be worth your purchase. It was around $1720, which is quite high. But trust us when we say that this is worth your purchase.

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So, go ahead and see if the edition is still available. If it is, then you can surely trust on this and get yourself this Lego set.

most expensive lego set

6.     Statue of Liberty

Planning to go to New York? Thinking of a vacation there? But the pressure at work or the pandemic has made you take a backfoot? Well, then, this one is going to be a real entertainer. You can gift yourself the Statue of Liberty and be sure that this one is going to be a bomber of all times.

The cost of this Lego set is quite high in comparison to the ones mentioned on our list, which is around $2130. The number of pieces present in this Lego is over 3000. So, be sure making this Lego set is going to keep you fun-engaged for a really long time.

7.     Grand Carousel

If you are looking at the most expensive Lego set, then this one is a real bomber. It comes with remote control as well, which makes this a super buy. The set will cost you around $2,300. But we can assure you that this one is worth your purchase from all angles.

8.     The Legoland Train

Another one that costs around 2500 dollars, this one can be really a favorite. The entire process you spend solving this and making the train is entertaining. And once you see the outcome, you are surely not going to regret choosing this. So, go ahead and get yourself this one, and we’re sure you’ll fall in love with it anytime.

Final Thoughts

Lego sets are not just for children. They are for adults too! You can spend your leisure time solving the puzzle and trust me when I say this, and you will really feel satisfied. And if you’ve already played this once, you know for sure how interesting a Lego set is.

And if you are thinking of buying yourself the best and most expensive Lego set, look not beyond our list that we’ve mentioned above. Also, don’t forget to let us know in the comment section below which one you chose and how you liked playing with the Lego set.

Vikram Deo