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PostImage Alternative

PostImage is a free image service that lets you get permanent links to your images for websites, boards, and social media platforms. It’s a helpful website for bloggers, online influencers, affiliate marketers, and even companies that want to share their images online. However, PostImage has some limitations, and hence, you may be looking for a PostImage alternative.

If yes, here are some of the best PostImage alternatives to use right now. The list includes both free and paid solutions, so you can choose the one that suits your budget and requirements.

PostImage Alternative

23 HQ

23 HQ is an image-sharing service that enables you to share images with the people you know around the world. It also acts as an amazing alternative to tools like Google Photos, as you can store all your pictures in one place.

23 HQ has a free and premium version. The free version offers almost all the essential features. You can upload over 1,000 photos each month. The premium version allows you to add more images and also videos. So, if you want to store and share videos as well, check out 23 HQ.


PiXhost is another photo-sharing platform that enables you to upload and share images with people you know. It works similarly to 23 HQ and has all the available in other image-sharing services.

PostImage Alternative
PostImage Alternative

However, it supports more file formats. Unlike 23 HQ that supports images and videos only, PiXhost allows you to upload, store, and share documents, music, and other files as well. The website lets you safely store your files or share them on channels like email, social media, and message sheets.


PicturePush is one of the best alternatives to PostImage. It is a photo and video management service that lets you upload all your photos and videos and share them with your dearest ones. The website has a lot of tools to help you better manage your media.

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For instance, you can store and organize photos without paging. There are built-in tools for cutting, trimming, and resizing your images. Furthermore, PicturePush imposes no limitations on storage and sharing capacity, allowing you to save and share your images in a hassle-free manner.

Image Hosting Biz: PostImage Alternative

Image Hosting Biz is a free image sharing website that allows you to upload your images and share them with others. The platform has a simple drag-and-drop interface that lets you upload and share your images easily. If you need a free tool to access your images anywhere and anytime, Image Hosting Biz is a perfect solution for you.


What’s more, the platform supports videos, HTML thumbnails, and programming codes without any extra charges. All you need to do is create an account by providing your email address and name. Image Hosting Biz also lets you create URLs of your images and share them with others.

Let’s talk about a new service in the town — It’s a free, powerful, and feature-rich platform for people who want to store and share their images online. The platform has various powerful features. For example, you can upload multiple photos at once. It also allows you to create short links for your images.

PostImage Alternative
PostImage Alternative has a professional-grade dashboard for media management. You can manage all your images from the dashboard and create sharing links. The platform integrates with various channels like social media and email, allowing you to share your images directly.

Phombo: PostImage Alternative

Phombo is another popular photo sharing platform that lets you add and share your media. The platform has amazing organizational capabilities. You can categorize your images in various folders, like travel, life, college, work, amusement, and the list goes on. If you have thousands of images to store, sort, and share, Phombo can be an excellent pick.

Like other platforms on this list, Phombo integrates with various channels like email and social media, allowing you to share your images wherever you want.

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BlueMelon is a paid image sharing service that lets you store and share your images. Additionally, it allows you to sell images. If you are a photographer who wants a reliable solution for storing, sharing, and selling your work, you can use BlueMelon.

PostImage Alternative
PostImage Alternative

The platform offers some powerful features. You can create a backup of your images and also classify them into albums and categories. BlueMelon also provides secure photo hosting and access control tools for greater privacy.


TinyPic is another useful image sharing and management platform that lets you upload, save, and share your images across the internet. It also supports video storage and sharing. TinyPic creates a shareable URL of your saved media, so you can share it seamlessly without any hassles.

The platform supports four file formats: JPEG, PNG, GIF, and PNG. If your images are larger than 1600 pixels, TinyPic will automatically compress them while retaining their quality. This helps you save storage space and save more images.

Imgbox: PostImage Alternative

Imgbox is a popular image sharing service with millions of registered users. The best feature of Imgbox is that you can upload images without any limit. The platform has a free and paid version, and the free version offers almost all the features. The paid version provides a more optimized image-sharing experience with no limits on size and storage.

PostImage Alternative
PostImage Alternative


Let’s end this list with ThumbSnap, another simple yet powerful image-sharing solution that helps you share your photos with your friends and loved ones across the internet. This platform is also an excellent option for adding photos to blogs, web journals, and communication websites.

The best thing about ThumbSnap is that it’s completely anonymous, and you don’t need to register on it. That said, this service allows you to log into your account using Twitter.


If you are looking for a PostImage alternative, there are numerous options to choose from. Most of the platforms are free with a paid version, while some services are paid-only. If you need a solution for personal use only, we’ll recommend you stick with free versions only.

So, which image-sharing service did you like the most and why?

Vikram Deo