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PDF Through GoGoPDF

Despite the technological advancements we have, corrupted or damaged PDFs is still a common issue. Internet connectivity interruptions and any other PDF download interference continue to become the main reasons for these corruptions. Fortunately, we now have GoGoPDF to rest all your worries and let them fix all your PDF problems.

On the other hand, paranoia-based security is somewhat a necessary trait. Although this may sound cliche, prevention is always better than cure. Adding extra protection to your confidential records is more recommended than leave it as open as it is. We can never tell how competitive the market is nowadays; it is better to foresee a few steps ahead before relaxing. 

GoGoPDF Available Tools

We will be focusing on how to repair PDF file and lock them with personalized passwords. But before that, we will also relay the other available tools GoGoPDF has for your future PDF endeavors. The main concern for a PDF file is that it is less-modifiable. The steady and stiff file format continues to be the best choice for print and share, but not for editing. 

GoGoPDF has a converter tool that provides dual benefits as you can convert your files from and to the portable document format. It also has the PDF compress function to reduce your PDF file size without compromising its original content and quality. For more effective file management, you can also take advantage of their PDF split and merge functions. 

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How To Fix Damaged PDFs 

For damaged PDFs, repairing them is never easy, especially if you do not acquire the most updated and appropriate tools. The usual Adobe programs require more intense installation, extra costs, and specialized techniques before you can fully utilize their tools. On the other hand, GoGoPDF comes in very handy with free available tools anytime and anywhere!

Just have your laptop or computer ready and ensure that you have a good working internet connection, then you are good to go! Keep in mind that the level of repair may also depend on the previous damage severity. The more extensive the prior damage was, the less possibility of a full recovery. You can follow these easy to follow steps to repair PDF: 

  1. Open the preferred browser and proceed to the GoGoPDF home page. Using Chrome, Safari, and Edge is more recommended for this operation. 
  2. Choose the “Repair PDF” option and upload your corrupted PDF. You can drag your file to the Repair PDF dropbox. 
  3. Within less than 20 seconds, you now have your newly repaired PDF! You can now view your PDF’s content and save it to your preferred store. You can also copy-paste the file URL for social media sharing. 

Lock PDFs With Passwords

Documents in PDF are generally less adjustable than other file formats, making it an ideal pick for documents requiring uniformity. If you are currently handling PDF documents that contain highly-sensitive and confidential content, it is most recommendable to lock your PDF with complex passwords. With GoGoPDF, protecting your PDFs is as easy as ABC!

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The upload process is similar to that of repair PDF, and then you can input your personalized passcode or password. GoGoPDF will suggest more unique characters to be added for tighter security purposes. Solid encrypt your PDFs with the 128-AES encryption protocol of GoGoPDF and save your newly protected PDF file

Takeaway of GoGoPDF

You can never predict how your competitors and market adversaries will work just to win. You might be surprised how in-depth they would cross standard work ethics to get what they desperately want, so it is best to prepare yourself.