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where is mount f8 in fortnite

Where is Mount f8 in Fortnite? Well, Anyone who doesn’t live under a rock is aware of the gaming sensation that is Fortnite. Players all over the world have played this game as it keeps getting better with every chapter and every Season. Moreover, this game 0 won awards like the best multiplayer game and the best ongoing game. It is a fairly new game but has soon gained the interest of thousands.

This game seriously increases its fun factor by organizing special events with so much room for enjoyment. They are also very creative with their skins and collaborate with characters, athletes, musicians, streamers, and actors to make exciting skins for their players.

But Fortnite’s maps can be confusing, as can be maps of any other Battle-Royale game. And one of the most common doubts is where is Mount F8? It’s on the Season 1 map of Chapter 2, but players often fail to find the exact location. But, not to worry, we are here to help you find its exact location and tell you more about where to find Mount F8 in Fortnite!

where is mount f8 in fortnite

Where is Mount F8?

As we have mentioned earlier, Mount F8 is located in Season 1 of the Chapter 2 map. This Season lasted from October 2019 to February 2020. Like other seasons, it did not have an official trailer. It did, however, release three teasers before The End Event. These teasers hinted at a new season.

In pure Battle Royale fashion, this Season too brought new gameplay and challenges for the players. It brought the new maps to be explored and new weapons to show off your skills. This Season had exciting points on the map to be checked out.

Moreover, Season 1 had an impressive Battle-pass that included accessories for the avatars and various harvesting tools. Fortnite went far and beyond to give players a Supreme gaming experience. They also included special music in the Battle-pass. Not to forget, loading screens were a part of the Battle-pass as well.

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where is mount f8 in fortnite

Mount F8

Coming to clear the doubt about exactly where is Mount F8 in Fortnite, it is a snowy peak located at the southernmost part of the island. Near its base, you can find the Base Camp Foxtrot. You will also get rewards if you visit it along with the third Stone Grey Bottle.

One can reach F8 by jumping on the snowy peak of the mountain from a battle bus. Battle buses are transportation vehicles in Fortnite that are well-equipped with weapons. Also, remember to carry a few weapons with you in case you come across somebody after collecting the third bottle. This area doesn’t see many players but just to be safe, be armored.

How to actually collect the Stone Grey bottles?

Players keep wondering where to find Mount F8 as it is not clearly marked on the map, but if you find it, collecting the bottles won’t be an issue. You have to start at the base of the mountain, where you will find your first bottle near a red flag that works as a landmark. You have to go inside the bottle to be able to have it. As you go up, you will find another bottle on the way and then soon the third one at the very peak. Getting to this part is a little tricky as the cliffs are very slanted, so we suggest you go up there carefully. Falling from there is pretty normal.

After you’ve collected the third bottle, you can now buy the Love Ranger outfit for your Toona fish avatar. This avatar, like other ones, can be easily customized.

These kinds of collections are very common in Fortnite and can be seen in previous seasons as well. It is not a surprise for Battle Royale games to have challenges for players. It keeps the players interested in the game and keeps playing to collect something or the other. Thus, this particular one is exciting yet hard. There are a lot of mountains in the southernmost mart of the Apollo island, and so one might get confused as to which one is Mount F8. This entire goal to find the stone bottles is motivation enough for players to try and find the mountain at any cost. It is definitely not an easy task and has the constant risk of fall damage. But as we have said before, it’s worth it, and we hope you find it very easily!

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where is mount f8 in fortnite


Some of the most commonly asked questions regarding this particular location are:

  • Where to find Mount F8m
  • How to find Mount F8?
  • Where can I find Stone Grey Bottles?
  • How can I collect Stone Grey Bottles?
  • How to collect the last Stone Grey Bottles?
  • Where is Mount F8 on Apollo island,
  • Is there Mount F8 in Season 1, Chapter 2 of Fortnite?

We have tried our best to answer all of these in our blog.

Final Thoughts

Being one of the most famous games in the world is not easy; you need to constantly come up with new and interesting activities to make sure that the players aren’t getting bored. Fortnite does an excellent job when it comes to that. The sensation around Mount F8 is nothing new, and we hope that through this blog, we have been able to tell you how you can get reach the exact location. We have also tried to include what cool things you can do there and how to collect the bottles. Now, go out there and live your best gaming experience!

Let us know what you thought of this blog and if you finally found Mount F8 in the comments! Feel free to share your experiences finding the stone grey bottles and customizing the avatar! 

Vikram Deo