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Social Media

Social media has transformed human relations and the way we communicate. Social media platforms created new types of celebrities such as influencers, TikTok stars, and Instagram stars who gained extreme popularity due to personal branding. Therefore, many companies are realizing the importance of a solid social media presence and the fact that person-to-person connections through digital platforms can be valuable to their sales and brand marketing. 

According to statistics, people spend approximately 147 minutes a day on social media. This is an excellent opportunity to attract the attention of potential customers. If you are starting a small business, social media marketing is a must because it is very effective and free of charge. Creative posts, educational content, and engaging facts can help you promote your brand and obtain a higher audience reach. Social media platforms are the perfect tool for small business owners because they will save you a substantial part of your budget. Just follow these steps and watch your business thrive in no time. 

Set SMART goals 

When starting your social media strategy, you need to set clear goals, like what you want to post on your page and how many followers you want to acquire at the beginning. Setting SMART goals will clarify your mind, focus your efforts, and use your time and resources effectively. When we say to set SMART goals, we mean setting specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound goals. 

An example of a SMART goal for your social media might be deciding what social media platform to use for promoting your brand. You can start by using Instagram and setting a goal of attracting a certain amount of Instagram followers organically. Set a time frame of three weeks to achieve this goal. During this time, work, be creative, and after the given time has passed, check your result. This way, you will be focused and inspired to conquer this obstacle and achieve your goal. 

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      Start slow

Many small business owners feel overwhelmed that they need to switch to a media company that produces videos, blogs, and podcasts to keep up with all the platforms. They try to implement every possible social media marketing strategy for small businesses but end up confused and nervous about not being able to achieve their goals. Start with one platform and put your entire focus there. 

Quality is always more important than quantity, so with one social media profile, you can reach more people and create quality content for them. Turning interested customers into fans of your brand and interacting with them on your profile is called an effective social media strategy. Additionally, you can use the same data for the rest of your social media profiles, once you create them later on. 

Connect with your audience

Getting to know your audience is one of the most important things you can do when presenting your brand. If you know your target audience, you will be able to accommodate the content you post according to their desires. Always try to be genuine and relatable, because your audience will authenticate themselves through your posts.

Research the platforms and find out what interests your potential followers the most. Discover what type of posts they share, like, and what accounts they follow. If you post useful content and helpful tips, people are more likely to engage with your profile. 

Social Media

Post regularly

If you want to promote your business the right way, make sure to post on your page regularly. Create fun posts, share helpful facts about your brand, and always make sure that it is at a time when most of your audience is online. Post videos and pictures; check how many likes, comments, and shares you get on your posts; be attentive to the time frame when this happens. This way, you can create a schedule and post your content at the same time frame when most of your audience is online. 


Your audience will feel seen and heard, and slowly your brand will gain a higher audience reach. Soon enough, from being a small business owner with virtually no following, you can transform yourself into social media thought leader with a high number of followers and a very successful brand with great popularity. 

Final thoughts

Becoming a small business owner might be scary, but everything is achievable with the right mindset and clear goals. Set a goal list and put your entire focus there. Use social media marketing cleverly and watch how your dreams of becoming an owner of a successful business turn into reality.