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Some Popular Ways to Earn Cryptocurrency

In this article, we would like to discuss some common ways to earn from crypto. Let’s begin with the most simple and less stressful options that suit beginner crypto users. 


This is the way to receive a passive income using digital assets. Staking cryptocurrency is the process where you hold some number of coins on a crypto platform and do not sell them. Unlike traditional long-term investments, your coins do not stay idle – they work for you, bringing yields in the form of additional coins accrued to your account.

Staking may have different timeframes. You can pick 10-days locking or even one year. The longer the period of staking, the bigger yield you earn. Thus, you keep your coins locked and earn crypto rewards. Rewards are accrued once the staking plan expires. So you receive your initial investment back, plus interest. That is one of the best options to make money with crypto that does not require frequent trades. That is a somewhat “safe” and reliable way to earn compared with others.


That’s a rather dynamic way to earn cryptocurrency because it requires keeping track of the market and opening and closing positions (buying and selling crypto) depending on the situation in the market. Trading strategies vary from high-intensive daily trades to long-term investments that may last for months. Trading implies in-depth knowledge of the market and an understanding of how it works. Often, it requires your ability to predict further market movement because it impacts the next steps in your trading strategy.

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Both earning opportunities we have viewed in this article can be practised on the WhiteBIT exchange. This platform offers demo tokens that can be used for practising different trading strategies. It will help you understand how it works and receive confidence, filling the gaps in your knowledge. Read the WhiteBT blog to know more abo earning opinions using crypto.