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The Best Sites To Download Anime Movies Online

Anime has seen a resurgence in the past few years. While its loyal audiences around the world have stayed with the genre, there was a dip in the early 2000s when animes failed to capture new audiences. That’s not a concern nowadays, though, because with the smartphone revolution, more and more people are getting their fix through apps, streaming sites, etc.

Are you looking for the best websites to download anime movies? Then you’re in luck – in this article, we’ve collated some of the best sites for you to stream and download anime movies. From manga-inspired ones to series, movies, even one-offs, we’ve got you covered. Always remember that when downloading, you need to err on the side of caution.


Arguably the best site and app to get your fix of anime, Funimation is a streamlined, category-based site that lists your favorite titles by genre. The site started as a dubbing site that caters to the English-speaking regions of the world. Today, Funimation is a force to be reckoned with in terms of the depth of dubbed titles alone.

You can stream and watch for free, and it’s also possible to download anime movies, even if you don’t have login credentials. It’s better to get yourself a subscription though because the free version of the site and app is littered with ads. Funimation updates their library as soon as new episodes are up, so you don’t have to worry about missing out on all the fun.

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Animeheaven may not be the oldest and most comprehensive among the sites in this list, but what it has is a selection that will satisfy most anime lovers. From popular anime movie titles to the latest series, the site seemingly has it all. The site is compact, intuitive, and lets you stream the anime you want. If you want to download, you’d need an internet downloader to be able to access the video.

One of the better features of the sites is that it has fewer ads and pop-ups when compared to the other ones on this list. Player-wise, it’s top-notch as well, with the controls and buttons not in the way of viewing. The site also has faster loading times in terms of streaming because of more compact files.

Kiss Anime

One of the best sites to download anime movies online, Kiss Anime, is popular with the anime crowd because of its comprehensive list of titles, video and title previews, effective search buttons, and no-frills streaming system. The site is free but expects ads in between new streaming titles and when pausing. 

Downloading on the site is easy as well. Once you’re on the video, you just have to press the arrow-down button, choose the video resolution you want to download, and you’re good to go. Kiss Anime also features anime from other parts of the world, not just from Japan. You can browse anime titles from China and other countries.


A stalwart in terms of anime sites, Crunchyroll seems to be the most popular among the sites listed here. The site boasts itself as the primary source of anime and drama, with at least 2 million paying subscribers. It has a unique “Latest News” portion on the homepage, with the search button on the top left. The number of titles and categories the site has is equal to none, plus, series are compiled in one list for easier streaming.

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Downloading-wise, Crunchyroll offers free downloads to free and paying customers, but with a limited number of the former. The site also has a dedicated tab for mangas, as well as new shows, even games. It has a dedicated app on the Play Store so you can readily access your favorite anime even when you’re not in front of your desktop. 


There was a time when anime wasn’t as widespread and mainstream as it is now. Gone are the days when searching for a new OVA, or the new dubbed – at least, subbed for that matter – episode means joining exclusive site forums that require you to log in and be a member. Today, with those sites listed above you can readily get your anime fix, no matter how obscure or specific your taste on it is.