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Need For Kayaking

Do you want to go kayaking? Whether you want to take a short trip on the calm water near your shore or paddle for a longer time to a far destination, having the right gear is important. Your trip’s conditions, as well as your preferences and abilities, will determine the types of gear you will need for your kayaking trip.

If you are just starting with kayaking, there are some must-have types of equipment you will need to take with you. Some kayaking accessories may not be required but if you want to spice up your kayaking trip, it is good to buy a few of them. Here, we will give you the most important kayaking gears you will need on your first trip. So keep on reading to know more! 

#1 Kayak

Of course, you will need a sea kayaking guide if you are going on a kayaking trip. There are various types of kayaks you can choose from but do you know which one you should go for? Recreational kayaks are recommended for most beginners as they are short and simple.

Look for kayaks with large cockpits because they will make it easier for you to climb in and get out of the kayak. Also, these kayaks usually come with back supports and foot pedals to assist in steering on choppy conditions.

If you want a kayak with no cockpit, you can go for sit-on-top kayaks. These are great options for those who are afraid of getting trapped inside their kayaks. But, the disadvantage of sit-on-top kayaks is that you will get wet because the water will surely splash onto you.

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Having a docking station for your kayak would also be a good idea because it will make accessing your kayak easier. If you plan to have one, check out Hisea – a floating dock manufacturer.

#2 Paddle

Another essential gear is the kayak’s paddle. Make sure that you get the right paddles because canoe paddles are different from kayak paddles. You will need longer paddles if you are tall. We also recommend taking with you an “emergency” paddle if you are going on a lengthy trip in case you lose or break the original one.

#3 Buoyancy Aid

Buoyancy aids are similar to life jackets but they allow you to move your arms and neck more freely. They are ideal for a kayaking trip because you will be able to move your arms a little more while you paddle. Even if you are a strong swimmer, you should wear one because the unpredictability of water is dangerous.

#4 Rope Bag

Rope bags have ropes loosely tucked inside them to help you in rescuing another kayaker. You just need to hold one of the rope’s ends and throw the bag towards the kayaker you want to rescue. It is highly recommended to have a rope bag with you if you are going on a kayaking trip without an instructor or a group.

#5 Dry Bag

You can use a dry bag to pack your gadgets or extra dry clothes in case you want to bring some. Dry bags are watertight bags that can keep your things dry and secure even if your kayak tips over.

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#5 Wet Shoes

You would want to wear wet shoes if you are going on a kayaking adventure. These shoes have rubber soles for a better grip to prevent slipping on wet surfaces. Do not wear flip flops because they cannot grip well on surfaces and are not supportive.

You can also wear trainers as an alternative to wet shoes if you don’t have one. However, trainers may quickly become heavy and soggy. No need to worry about the price of wet shoes because they are affordable. Plus, they will make your adventures even better.

#6 Dry Top/Wetsuit

Have you decided on what you will wear for your kayaking trip? Your clothing options will depend on the weather condition during the day you would want to take your trip. For sunny days, shorts and T-shirts are good especially if you are going to paddle through flat waters.

On cold days, wear either a drysuit or a wetsuit. Drysuits are a little expensive compared to wetsuits though but your choice will depend on your preferences. A lot of kayakers prefer wearing dry tops or kayaking cagoules. Wearing kayaking gloves might also be a good idea. 


Before you go on any trip to the waters whatever watersport you are into, it is always good to know the basics to ensure the safety of your whole journey. Now that you know the basic things you will need before going on a kayaking trip, the next thing is to finally go out on the waters. Here is a beginner’s guide on how to kayak you can read. Enjoy your kayaking adventures!


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