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best streaming live TV service

Sophisticated electronics and the internet created multiple entertainment avenues. You don’t have to rely on cable and satellite companies anymore. The best streaming live TV service is available to keep the whole family hooked. This powerful video hosting solution is also very secure and flexible. It relies on cutting-edge technology to offer diverse audio-video content with flexible pricing plans.

However, the market place is flooded with a plethora of such services. They include YouTube, Hulu, Sling, Vimeo Live, and IBM Cloud Video. These solutions provide various features, along with a basic set of functions. Choose the best service based on the following significant selection criteria:

Does the best streaming live TV service offer premier channels?

A live stream has to ensure high-quality content during day or night. The channel lineup plays a crucial role in making a decision. It would help if you did not stop with the total number of available channels. The best channels should also be part of the lineup. Otherwise, you will miss out on a lot of enjoyable shows.

Entertainment takes the cake for many viewers. Yes, sports and cable news are also equally important. So, look out for service providers who also offer network channels with popular content. Also, many viewers do not want to miss out on any of their favorite local stations either.

When looking for content quality, you have to watch out for flexibility. For example, entertainment channels that beam the same type of shows are not worthwhile. Instead, opt for a service that delivers variety. It should also offer you the option of finding a good balance of channels. Some platforms even offer their on-demand streaming libraries to the viewers.

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Can I pick a pricing plan that is inexpensive, flexible, and customer-friendly?

The best streaming live TV service should also be affordable to the customers. But at the same time, it should offer a bouquet of channels that ensure value for money. Of course, if you are not too particular about content quality, select a cheap streaming plan.

The prices depend on the specific bouquet or bundle of channels. Inexpensive packages are available for a monthly fee of about US$30. But if you seek versatile entertainment, then be ready to shell out US$45 to US$65 per month. Of course, the starting options are always cheap.

Needless to say, premium channels and other features increase the prices. But the advantage of live stream services is their customer-friendly approach. You are not obligated to continue the service on a long-term basis. Just call customer support and terminate the service any time if you are unhappy. Also, you can pick another pricing plan with the same company without any problems.

What is the DVR storage capacity of the best streaming live TV service?

A lot of streaming services offer DVR storage with their basic price plans. However, you will be able to store only a limited amount of content on the cloud. Also, the service has to get upgraded if you want to avoid the commercials. A starting price that ensures up to 10 hours of recording is ideal.

But upgrades with 50 hours of storage capacity with around US$5 per month extra are desirable too. They provide you an opportunity to record and re-watch all the favorite shows and events. Besides, a long-term plan with unlimited storage is also a good choice. This option also comes with flexible features to pause, fast forward, and rewind the recorded content.

The DVR storage feature is essential for avid viewers of prime content. A busy work schedule, an outing, or an emergency will not be a hindrance anymore. You can attend all these activities but still enjoy the recorded content in leisure during the weekend.

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Is the streaming compatible with all my favorite devices?

The old-fashioned cable and satellite shows are restrictive to TVs only. Besides, the favorite shows get telecast only during prime time. But the best streaming live TV service imposes no such limitations. You can easily stream the content on all the latest smart TVs and gaming devices.

Also, the service provider offers many compatible device choices. You can watch the content on mobile phones, digital media players, as well as set-top boxes. All the top streaming solutions are compatible with Amazon, Android, Apple TV, and Google Chromecast, and you can purchase specialized hardware such as Roku devices for just US$30.

It is a key feature while choosing the latest live streaming service. A platform that does not offer such multi-device compatibility is not an ideal choice for the young generation.

Does the best streaming live TV service support multiple streams?

A top-notch streaming service has to live up to the customer’s expectations. It has to deliver multiple streams at the same time. This feature is ideal for families with several people who watch different content at the same time. They will be able to pick and choose a stream that is in tune with their preferences.

The streamed content has to be multi-device friendly too. You should be able to watch content on a laptop, TV, PC, or smartphone. Besides, the service should deliver different content to multiple screens at the same time. Some service providers include this feature as an add-on with an extra fee.

Some give you a choice between single or multiple streams. You can choose up to 3 or 4 stream options and pay an additional fee based on the pricing plan. Also, a flat monthly price with access to unlimited screens is an enticing offer. Choose the option that befits your family’s taste.

More and more powerful streaming solutions are in the offing. So, choosing the best brand can be a tricky decision. Rely on the above-mentioned selection criteria to pick the best platform. Dig deeper into the various features and functions to narrow down your choices. Some companies offer free trials for a limited period. You can try them out to pick the finest of the lot.

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