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watches eSports tournaments

eSports is a form of online competition where players compete in a variety of different games. The games vary, however some of the most popular eSports tournaments are held on games such as Fortnite, Dota, League of Legends, and Call of Duty.

However, the main question is: who is able to compete in these eSports tournaments? The answer to this is professional gamers. However, me, you, or your nan don’t qualify. Like all other sports, to join the ranks of top eSports teams you must be the best of your game, consistently scoring top of the leaderboard.

Popular eSports teams include FaZe, ENCE, NRG eSports, and Team Liquid. Players can apply to these teams and are also scouted. The best method to becoming recognized and getting your name out in the eSports world is setting up a YouTube channel and uploading your gameplay.

This allows the teams to evaluate your gameplay, letting you know if you have what it takes to make the ranks of their pro team.

72% of the eSports audience is male 

For most of us, we won’t be good enough to compete in professional eSports tournaments, that’s just the sad truth. Instead, we are able to spectate the live and exciting action, with immersive commentary and all too many clutch round winning kills.

However, did you know that 72% of the eSports audience is male? That number is slowly growing but is still astoundingly large.

eSports gameplay is accessible to all and can usually be watched for free on popular streaming sites such as Twitch and YouTube. Spectators have the option to leave a donation, contributing towards either the prize fund or to the individual twitch streamers and teams.

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However, you don’t need to donate to play. Simply show up, grab your popcorn and watch some immersive action on some of your favorite games.

Between matches, why not check out the Unikrn crypto casino? Wagers can be placed on popular eSports tournaments, with the option to bet on overall winners, winners of a specific match, and more.

To conclude 

The eSports industry is growing massively, especially over the last five or so years. Currently, the estimated audience is 72% male, but the number of female spectators is slowly increasing.

Whilst most of us aren’t quite good enough to make the top ranks of eSports teams such as FaZe, we can instead watch the live-action on popular streaming sites such as Twitch and YouTube. 

Hours of fun, you can even take a tactic or two into your own gameplay. Who knows, perhaps one day you’ll make the big leagues and earn the opportunity to compete against some of your favorite players? 


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