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People are biased with the internet world. Some of them are using the internet on purpose and some of them are addicted. Regardless of the purpose, everyone is linked to the internet. People are taking advantage of the internet to fetch information which eventually makes life better. While doing so, we are also facing serious threats from the hacker’s community. The hackers are always trying to get access to your details. In this article, we will share some tips that will help to save your online privacy.

Limit sharing personal information

The first thing you should do is to limit the sharing of information. By limiting the sharing of information on social media sites, you make it hard for hackers to get the information. The hackers are not using programming to get personal details. They are also using the social engineering process to manipulate users to get the information. Read more about the social engineering process and you will be surprised how easily the hackers are making money just by getting the pieces of information from the social media site. Double the check the privacy settings in the social media sites and make sure you are not exposing yourself more to the hacker’s community.

Use a private search engine

Search engines can be major sources for data breaches. The search engines can track your keyword and search data. Tracking the keywords and search data is more like studying your habit. Anyone can tell a lot about your work and personal life just by seeing the browsing history. So, if you want or protect your online identity, you can try using the anonymous search engine. Private search engines are better in many aspects and can offer a premium level of service as they fetch the exact information that you are looking for. At the initial stage, you might not feel comfortable with the private search engine but within a few months, you will feel more comfortable with the private search engine and this will reinforce the online security.

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Start using the VPN

Using a VPN is one of the most elegant solutions you can have to protect your online identity? Those who don’t have the idea about the service can use the free VPN trial for 30 days. During the trial period, you can easily learn about the premium feature that you are going to enjoy. The VPN encrypts all your data on the internet and hides your locations. In fact, will also solve the bandwidth throttling issues. Some of you might be thinking that by using the proxy you can do the same job but it will significantly slow down the internet connection. To enjoy hassle-free access to the internet, it better to go for a premium VPN service.

Avoid the spam mails

We are smart enough to detect the spam mails. If not, we can always rely on antivirus software that will scan our emails. The hackers are getting smarter and creating very trustworthy emails that can create the urge to download the contents or the image file attached to the mail. The moment, you click on the email content is the very moment, spyware might get installed to PC. Be very careful about the spam mails. Always read emails from the trusted source since it will help you to protect your privacy online.

Use mobile device wisely

Many users lose their online privacy due to weak security in the mobile device. Most of the mobile device comes with a very tight security program. But people use apps from unreliable sources and get their smart devices infected. So, if you store personal information in such an infected device, chances are very high that you will lose most of the critical data that is stored on your smartphone. You should use the VPN on your mobile device too. It will create the extra layer of security and protect your information from the dark hands of the hackers. A few easy steps taken from the user end can complicate the process of the data breach. Be smart and use your device in a secure environment.


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