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will anthem be cross platform

Will anthem be cross platform: Games have been playing an important role. The game developers keep on coming up with new games often. And those games tend to go viral soon. But not all games get to live a long life. After some time or years, the games are replaced by the other games. So, there is no stop for game developers in creating games. Likewise, one of the popular games Anthem seems to be in trouble. If you have been playing Anthem, you must be aware of the talks going on. In case you do not know what is going to happen with the game Anthem, keep scrolling and read through the blog!

will anthem be cross platform

About Anthem

Anthem is a multiplayer game that was introduced quite some time ago. The game developer who came up with the game knew what would draw the current gamer’s attention. And soon, many of the gamers started playing Anthem. And the game became quite popular.

It was in 2017 that Anthem was released. In EA, you could have easily played the game. Friends can come together online and partner up in this role-playing game. You can also play with other gamers online if you wish.

Current Situation of the Game Anthem

With more and more upcoming games, Anthem is losing its power. Many of the gamers who used to play all day long have stopped. Anthem has lost its presence among gamers. The platform has lost more than half of the players or gamers.

That has created quite a scene for the game developers and the platform where Anthem is streamed. Further steps are needed to be taken to bring the game back to its spot.

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For that, the game which was introduced by EA or Electronic Arts needs to take some steps. They might collaborate with other companies to bring back the game to its original form.

Can other players who do not have access to EA play Anthem?

The talk of the gaming town has finally increased. No one knows what is going to happen next. You might be thinking if you can play the game Anthem now or not. But the answer is still not clear. The publisher, as well as the developer of the game, are still planning on how to retrieve the gamers who have stopped playing Anthem.

In that situation, the topic went to allow Anthem to be accessed by all other gaming platforms as well. That is, cross platform is one of the options for Anthem to regain its pace and popularity back among the players.

Once confirmed that players who do not have EA, that is, the players or gamers not using EA, can play Anthem or not, it will be updated or soon notified.

will anthem be cross platform

How will cross platforming Anthem help?

There are many gamers online. But all of them need some kind of platform to access different games. Some players use XBOX, some PlayStation, and some EA.

Therefore, many gamers have not been able to play Anthem. That is because Anthem is a game present only on the EA platform. Giving access for cross platforming will help the game maximize its players again.

Then, those players who were not able to play Anthem before will be able to play it again. And once others start playing, the ones who used to play Anthem before might also join back. This will increase the number of game players a lot more than the gamers who were playing before.

It is quite a strategic plan and will help earn profit from the game Anthem. But there is no confirmation if Anthem will be a cross platform or not.

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Which of the platforms can Anthem be played?

If you haven’t played the game and looking forward to it, read this thoroughly. You need to have your platform where you play games.

Now, you just hope that the platform you have been using will allow the cross of Anthem. The most chances of Anthem being cross played is in XBOX One and PC Games. If you are using any one of them, you are really lucky. As once Anthem is cross platformed, you can enjoy the game Anthem anytime you want. And also play matches with those playing from a different platform.

But in case you are using PlayStation, you might not be able to play Anthem. This is because PlayStation only allows its own game to be played on its platform. And does not give access to cross platforming.

Can two players from different platforms play Anthem together?

Once Anthem is cross-platform, that is possible. But the players who are planning to play together must have those platforms on which Anthem is allowed. Then only both the gamers or players can enjoy the multiplayer game Anthem without any disturbance.

In case one of the players is using EA, and the other one is using PlayStation, then the two gamers cannot take part in the multiplayer gaming of Anthem.

The gamers should be using either XBOX One, PC, or EA to continue playing the game Anthem after crossing the platform.

Final Thoughts

Even the gaming world has a lot to deal with. Those who are regular gamers can understand the struggle. If cross-platform occurs, the gamers who were not able to play Anthem can enjoy playing it now. Not only that, it will add to the profit of the game developers and publishers only. Though, the profit will be shared between different platforms.

You must have learned about Anthem through this blog. Let us know if your doubt about Anthem being cross-platform is cleared or not. Also, share this blog with those who want to know the answer to the question – Will Anthem be Cross Platform!

Vikram Deo