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Whether you are a manager in some company or you run your own business, whether you want to file taxes or you need a receipt for your purchase -you will always need a document scanner app that can work as a receipt scanner app as well to ease out daily scanning chores.

Often, our offices are full of papers and files. Our important purchases and its receipts may get lost in miscellaneous documents and oceans of papers. So, here we share a list of best receipt scanner apps that can help you to scan documents.

Top 10 Best Receipt Scanners Apps for Easy Organization

  1. FlashScan

It ranks the first on our list for its varied features and accurate performance. It is the fastest scanning app in the market.

It is a comprehensive scanning app that generates clear and sharp scans in no time.

It scans every type of documents- right from the receipts to old photos, files, and even books can be scanned with FalshScan.

.  The intuitive OCR feature recognizes text from the image.

It also helps to translate such texts from English to other languages.

Users can even use various post-scan filters to give new looks to their scans.

.  FlashScan also reads QR and Barcodes accurately.

  1. Receipts By Wave

Receipts by Wave is a receipt tracking app that can be used by small firms to stay at the peak of their receipts. Here are its features that make it the best receipt scanner app.

It syncs with the cloud-based expense reporting software that can be used both on mobile and from the computer. 

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One benefit of this tool is that you can use it for free.

It scans receipts and documents with accuracy and offers a user-friendly experience.

  1. Expensify

It is a cloud-based app that works well with both iOS and Android. The app offers a user-friendly and straightforward interface.

.   With tonnes of features and functionalities, this app offers almost all types of scanning.

Users can use a smartphone camera to take a photo of the receipt, the app will automatically pull out the charges and then you can associate the charge with an expense report.

Double-check the costs to make sure the receipt charges are added correctly.

  1. NeatDesk

As the name suggests, this app offers every possible way to keep your desk neat and organized.

Your device will read and extract data from whatever you scan.

With the speed of 24 pages per minute -it becomes the fastest receipt scanner app.

Easy to use and offers multiple features .

  1. Smart Receipts

The best receipt scanner app that works well with both iOS and Android devices.

Users can create customizable PDF, CSV, and ZIP reports.

Offers easy receipt scanning.

Supports 20 different default data types.

You can create a customized expense reporting app 

  1. Vupoint ST470 

One of the best desktop scanner apps that can help you keep your workspace clean and well-managed.

.   Its 2-in-1 capability and portability is the unique feature.

A detachable wand allows you to scan documents.

.   It supports a micro SD card so you can save your receipts for on-the-go access.

  1. Veryfi Core

Use this HIPAA compliant tool if you are dealing with sensitive customer data.

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Veryfi Core provides you the facility to automate data entry of receipts and expenses.

The app also automates tax coding or categorization.

You can collaborate with your team from anywhere at any time.

All your data can be accessed from anywhere.

  1. Clear Scanner

The app supports both iOS and Android devices. It is a document scanner app that also scans receipts.

It gives built-in OCR ability meaning receipt text shows up transcribed and imported.

You can anytime save your receipts as PDFs or JPEGs and attach to expense reports when ready.

The app syncs well with Google Drive, Evernote, and Dropbox, etc.

  1. Abukai Expenses

Do you want to manage your expenses without any trouble? Use this app and experience hassle-free receipt management.

Take a picture of your receipt, submit the receipt to save it to your phone. And you are done!

.   It manages to process your receipt and file it in the expense report you’ve already set up.

.   Sends reports to your selected mail IDs.

  1. Shoeboxed 

The app allows users to perform various receipts related tasks. The simple app with a straightforward interface.

.   The app enables you to scan receipts and keep records of your mileage for tax reporting purposes.

.   The ability to define which expenses are deductible — makes this app an excellent tool for tax time.

Do you want to keep your workspace clean, organized and paper-free? Download one of the best document scanner apps and manage your scans and receipts easily.


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