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Retail Shop

Have you ever thought of opening your first retail shop? Assuming you already have a business space, then what is your next move? You are going to need several supplies to present a suitable and welcoming ambiance for customers.

Get ready to take down some notes as we present 20 things that you will need to get your business started. Check them out below!

Business Signs

An outdoor sign with your store name and logo will give people an idea of what you are selling in your store. Also, some indoor signs indicating different items available in the store will help shoppers to find their way around.


Placing your merchandise on shelves can give customers an easy way to look for the products they need.

Clothing Racks and Rotating Racks

Clothing racks and rotating racks are must-have tools if you have a clothing and accessories retail store. These display solutions let your customers sift through your items quickly and easily.


Do not forget hangers to complement your clothing racks. Hangers may be the cheapest thing you will buy for your store, but they should not be overlooked. Buy good quality ones to emphasize your apparel.

Shopping Baskets or Carts

Your customers will need something to help them carry their purchases through the store. If you sell large items, then it would be best to provide shopping carts. But for smaller merchandise, shopping baskets will suffice.

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Mirrors and Fitting Room

If you are selling apparel or accessories, then it is ideal to provide fitting rooms and mirrors. Doing so will let your clients try and check the items they are planning to purchase.


Placing chairs around your store is essential to give comfort to your customers, as well as your staff during downtime. You can put some near the entrance or in the fitting room section.

Pricing Gun

A price gun is another must-have tool for your store unless you want to write tags for every single item in your store.

Point of Sale Solution

You will also need a good point of sale (POS) solution to process payments. You can have a cash register or at least a secure drawer to store your money. If you choose the latter, seek for a reliable furniture hinge supplier that can guarantee the security and quality of your drawers.

Receipt Paper

Of course, it is necessary to offer receipts with each shopper’s purchase. Some have receipt printers, but some small retail outlets prefer writing manually in receipt pads.


Whether you prefer plastic or paper, you will need some shopping bags for your customers’ purchases. You can buy a set of generic shopping bags or order a personalized one with your brand on them.

Display Cases

A glass display case can be useful if you want to flaunt some of the store’s expensive items to your customers. It would be best to place it near the checkout area to serve a twofold function, to protect and showcase your products.  


Mannequins are essential if you want to show off your clothing and accessory items to grab shoppers’ attention. It would be nice to place them at the windows to draw passersby on your doorstep. You can also put them near the clothing racks wearing the latest trend piece that should be available at your store.

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Gift Wrapping Supplies

Some customers might visit your store to shop for gifts. They will certainly appreciate the gesture of offering gift bags or gift wrapping services that is complementary to their purchase.

Social Media Account or Webpage

Making a social media account or even a webpage for your startup business is crucial because almost everyone is engaged online. These online tools are beneficial in marketing your stores 24/7.

Flags or Banners

You will need banners and flags for your shop’s grand opening event to grab attention. You can use them again if you are having a holiday sale and other kinds of events.

Warehouse Shelving

Every store has more retail inventory than what is being shown on the shelves. So you will need an organizing solution to hold your extra items in the backroom or behind your counter.

Cleaning Supplies

No one wants to shop in a dirty and shabby environment. Thus, it is also essential to have a set of cleaning supplies to maintain the cleanliness inside your store.

Business Bank Account

After a whole day of business, you will need a bank to deposit your profit for the day. Create an account through a nearby bank from your store that provides an after-hour deposit service. Doing this will lessen your burden in securing the money overnight.

Security System

Once you finish setting up your store and prepare for the big opening, the last thing you would want is for something terrible to happen. Getting a security system for your store can help you protect your products from theft and other illegal activities.

Take Away

Launching a business may be challenging at first because you need to prepare many things before you can officially open. But as long as you do them one thing at a time, everything can get easy. 

If you have other suggestions in mind that should be included in the list, place your comments in the box below. We would like to hear your thoughts.


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