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PDF File Viewer

4 PDF File Viewer Tools That You Can Use To View And Edit Your PDF Files.Now, PDF is one of the most often used document formats because of its capability to carry large amounts of data. PDF is also straightforward to use, and you can find viewing and editing tools anywhere on the internet right now. The main feature PDF has why most people also use it because it can keep its format no matter what gadget you are using to view the file.

Most of you already experienced viewing a document from Microsoft Word that you cannot understand because of the text that you cannot read. That’s because you are using the wrong viewing software on that kind of file. Having the right tool for opening and editing your PDF file is crucial, and here are some of those tools you can use.

PDFBear’s Share Document

Not the finest of most PDF viewers, but it is still one of the easiest ways to view and edit your PDF file. You only need to select what data you want to share, and you can now see and share your PDF file to anyone.

What’sWhat’s good about PDFBear is that it is not limited to sharing PDF files, but they can also convert PDF to JPG, add and remove password, repair, and more. They also have a very user-friendly interface, even visiting their site for the first time, you surely will not be confused about how to use their features.

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Adobe Reader

Undoubtedly, one of the best PDF viewers you can use online right now. The primary cause for this is that they are the ones who created PDF. So, if you need to view a particular PDF file on the go, you better remember its name always, and you won’t have any problem regarding any PDF file. 

Another great reason when using Adobe Reader is that it is for free and easy to use. It also has unique features, like sticky notes and text highlights. Because of these features, your viewing experience will be much better. Most people might think it’s just a typical and unnecessary feature only, but of course, without these features, you won’t be able to open your PDF file.

Icecream Apps PDF Split and Merge

Having so many PDF files is too much of pain to watch out. To deal with that, you can use the Icecream apps PDF split and merge feature. As the name says, you can merge PDF files into one file. It will extricate you from the pressure of worrying too much that one of your most valuable data might be lost.

Since it can merge files, it can also split files. This stool’s flexibility is beneficial, especially if you’re doing a lot of PDF related work all of the time. You might be thinking right now that because of the helpful features this tool can offer, it will be expensive, but this tool is actually for free. You don’t need to pay anything for you to use those types of features at all.

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If you tight in the budget, you don’t need to worry. The PDFescape got you covered since it is also for free. Though not as perfect as the other PDF file viewer but is free of charge, removing and adding multiple texts is already complete.

There are also other good things that you can do when using this tool, like adding photographs and links, for example. Despite being free, it still provides reliable features that you will not find from other PDF file reader.


Knowing what PDF viewer tool to use is critical, especially you are trying to view a necessary file. It can help you do your work faster, but you will also be able to save time and concentrate on editing your PDF file instead of spending hours trying to find the right tool to open your PDF file.


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