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Las Vegas themed party

There’s a certain appeal to Las Vegas that can’t be paralleled by any other city in the world. Being known for its gambling resorts, bright lights and mediocre Elvis impersonators, Las Vegas speaks to the imagination of millions of tourists visiting the city each year. For those who can’t afford a trip to the desert city in Nevada, a themed party is always an option. Are you planning on throwing a Las Vegas themed party? Here’s 5 ways to make it memorable. 

Choose a sub-theme

When you thought Las Vegas is enough of a theme, think again. There’s multiple dimensions to the city that lend themselves for creative party subthemes. So if you’re looking to wow your guests with something a little more elaborate than just a Las Vegas theme, choose either of the following:

  • Retro Las Vegas

Somehow the word ‘retro’ elevates anything it’s preceding. Put retro to your Las Vegas theme party and create a mid-century paradise that’s characterized by classic cars, martinis, orange and green color combinations and white headbands to steady high hairdos. Make your guests dress up like their favorite sitcom stars from the 50s and have them listening to the young Elvis all night. Retro Las Vegas embodies the very nature of the city’s twentieth-century allure. It’s up to you to bring the ambiance of the era to your very own venue.   

  • Gangster Las Vegas

Talking about the many layers of Las Vegas, we can’t forget mafia practices in the heydays of US organized crime. It’s mobsters like Bugsy Siegel who had visions of resort-style hotels filled with slot machines, roulette tables and everything that later earned Las Vegas its nickname ‘Sin City’. If you’re going with this particular theme, bring plenty of cigars and fedora hats and pocket watches to set the tone. Get your friends around the table to play some cards and enjoy the night!    

  • Las Vegas Glam
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The mystery of Las Vegas holds the appeal. And in this appeal, there’s a certain level of glam that can’t be paralleled. Whether it’s the neon lights, the high-rise buildings or the mindset of people who visit the city – the fact that Las Vegas is special can’t be denied. Copy and paste this atmosphere to your own theme party and create a memorable evening involving glittery outfits, fancy drinks and entertainment aplenty. 

  • Las Vegas Casino

The most obvious choice when you throw a Las Vegas theme party is to go with the casino theme. Having your guests play traditional casino games like poker, blackjack, roulette or baccarat instantly has them feeling like they’re in one of the great casinos of Las Vegas. Decorations too are straightforward and include dice, chips, playing cards and more. 

  • Magical Las Vegas Themed party

Another characteristic aspect of Las Vegas is the abundance of magic shows and other spectacle. Hire a magician for your themed party and have your guests amazed by the elaborate tricks of the true professionals. To top things off, ask your entertainer to interact with guests and have them participate in some of their tricks. Your party will undoubtedly be memorable. 



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