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Best Antivirus for Android

If you have still not installed one of the best antivirus for your android mobile or tablet, you should do it right now. Otherwise, you are constantly at risk of any kind of corruption or infection from malware and corrupted apps. In this context, you should know that the best antivirus for android mobile can protect personal privacy and your device too.

It is 2020, and there is some good news for you because you have a wide range of options. The best antivirus for your android will help you with two major things. First, it will offer the best quality of malware detection. Plus, it will also come with several anti-theft functions. The functions include backing up all your data and contacts, GPS tracking option, auto-snapping option so that you get the picture of the person who steals your phone. Moreover, you can also wear an OS smartwatch that will make it easier for you to locate your phone or tablet.

Most of the apps for mobile security come with paid as well as trial versions. However, not every free antivirus app will have the same quality of services. Through this article, we have tried to keep you updated with the names of some of the best antivirus for android. the brands include Avast, Google, Bitdefender, Kaspersky, 360 Security, Norton, McAfee, and Lookout. The ratings that these brands have received are majorly based on setup, anti-malware functions, usability, interface, and all other features.

Every entry in the below-mentioned list has passed through the AV-test android, which is carried out by a famous German laboratory. Here they test the ability of these apps based on malware and threat-detecting capabilities. They also check out the overall performance of an app.

Best antivirus for android

The best antivirus for android, given our tests, is Bitdefender antivirus android Mobile Security ($15 every year), which offers almost immaculate malware assurance with a huge scope of other options too. Norton antivirus android ($30 every year) has far superior assurance. Shockingly, Norton somehow murdered the complementary plan of its brand last year December. Plus, it’s anti-theft features are almost dysfunctional now. So, it has gone one step lower and we can’t call it the best anymore.

McAfee mobile security and Avast offer a wide range of options in their free versions too. Plus, the free options work pretty well when it comes to malware-detection activities. However, the call blocking and anti-theft options of Avast do not work very well. Moreover, there are so many unwanted advertisements that pop-up whenever you are using either of the apps. You can only get rid of them if you upgrade to the premium versions.

On the contrary, the freemium version of Kaspersky mobile antivirus falls under the list of the best antivirus for android. The anti-theft and malware protection options are commendable. The call-blocking function works fine and there are no ads as well. However, the lack of a good Wi-fi network security scanner makes it a problem for a lot of users.

Lookout Antivirus & Security is one of the most time-tested brands in the field of the best antivirus for android mobile. The identity-protection function is the USP of this brand, the efficiency of the other options is questionable. So, malware protection is an issue with this product. However, the fact that the brand is reliable and works well in comparison to several others helps it to find a place on this list. Moreover, the malware protection facility of Google Play free version is also not very impressive.

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Why do you need the best antivirus for android?

The most ideal approach to protect your Android gadget is to stay up with the latest. Each new form of Android is more secure than the one preceding, and every month there is new Android security information about solving recently discovered defects. However, if you do not possess an Android One or Google Pixel phone, the updates may reach you late. Most device manufacturers look for assurance so that any latest android update is not able to crash their software.

The lag time till you get an update can range from a week to several months. What is worse is that most of the android models usually stop getting any OS upgrades from two years of their manufacturing. Plus, some devices are completely deprived of monthly safety patches. Now that is exactly when you will need the best antivirus for android. These apps are capable of stopping any attacks that the in-build antivirus won’t be able to detect.

How to know which is the best antivirus for android?

Most of the antivirus apps for Android have three major versions- fully free, freemium, and fully paid. Freemium apps are the ones that come with both a free and premium version. While you get access to only limited options in the free version. On the other hand, the premium version will let you use all the features available. The premium version is just like any other fully-paid antivirus app. If you are using a free version of a freemium app or a fully-free app, you should know that there will be frequent ads and pop-ups.

A complete set of features in an antivirus app includes

  • Anti-theft mechanisms
  • App-lock in which you set a pattern or password to protect your private information
  • A guide that helps you to choose and examine apps
  • Wi-fi network security scanners

In case of either a premium or fully-paid app, the expense will range from $15 to $30 as already mentioned earlier. Certain developers draw a limit to the number of devices on which you can install their apps. It means that you cannot just spend $15 to get a premium version of an app and use it on multiple devices. In that case, you will have to spend on individual security apps for every device. On the other hand, some apps offer you a super-premium option too. In this case, you get an unlimited VPN option followed by an identity-protection option. Such options are the best deals in most of the cases.

After deciding on all of the above factors, let’s come to the main factor which is the ability of malware protection. That is what decides if you are using the best antivirus for android. Bitdefender and Norton are the leading names in this section followed by the rest.

What is the testing process for the best antivirus for android?

To measure the ability of security protection of the leading brands of antivirus, they have to pass through a crucial test. Yes, we are talking about the advanced bi-monthly AV-test. The particular test is carried out by a famous German laboratory that has a proper setup to verify the malware detection ability of an app. The malware test is followed by several other tests too. While some brands prove consistency, there are others whose test results differ from the preceding year’s.

To be double sure about the results, the reports of the AV-Comparatives test are also considered. Now, this is the special test carried out by an independent Austrian laboratory. They conduct annual tests on almost all antivirus apps that are available on Google Play Store. The list includes those apps too, that are not compatible with other tests. However, if you compare the results of the AV-test and AV-Comparatives, the latter is less reliable.

If you further want to test the impact of the overall performance of antivirus apps, the Geekbench 4 app is ideal too. The app is available on any Google Pixel 3 model that runs on the latest Android 9.0 Pie version. So, if you can run each of the best antivirus for android apps through Geekbench multiple times without any AV app, the results will be authentic. Further, the features, installation process, and user interface (UI) also have to go through complete scanning. After you have obtained all of the information, you can now conclude and decide which is the best.

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Latest update

According to the latest update, Kaspersky mobile antivirus is not allowed to be used with any networks associated with the Government of the USA. It is because Kaspersky is an all-Russian brand. As a result, using this brand may come as a threat to organizations and people who are a part of the critical infrastructure and national security team. However, according to all other tests, Kaspersky is the best option if you are using it for your domestic network. It is a well-reviewed brand in the industry. Besides, Kaspersky has proved its neutrality and honesty by exposing cyberespionage campaigns by both America and Russia.

List of the best antivirus for android in 2020

Now you will be able to check out the list of some of the best antivirus for android. Your choice of app for this year has become easier.

Bitdefender antivirus android

The protection app by Bitdefender is one of the best with its near-perfect malware protection feature. The impact of performance is not too heavy. Plus, the features of the Android Wear Watch Integration, corrupt-website blocker and the VPN client option is compatible with almost all android browsers. The other features include the app-lock, anti-theft options, Wi-fi scanner, and privacy-protection. Bitdefender is a fully-paid app that comes with a 14-day trial option.


  • Great malware protection
  • Lighter system impact
  • Premium version is affordable
  • Several useful features


  • The unlimited VPN function is quite expensive.

Norton antivirus android

Norton Mobile Security app comes with the best malware-protection ability out of all others in the list. However, the fantastic anti-theft function has been removed from this year along with two other features. They are the corrupt link-blocker and the contacts-backup option. Also. It is a completely premium app with no free version available.


  • Amazing malware detection
  • The app advisor feature is the best


  • Lack of anti-theft option
  • No free-version available

Avast antivirus android

Avast antivirus and mobile security come with one of the best set of options among all the brands that feature in this list. They offer users a privacy advisor, customizable blacklist, and also a system optimizer. However, there are limitations to the Avast software as well. For example, the weak anti-theft and call-blocking function and frequently appearing unwanted ads. These are the two most irritating problems with the app. The ads will, however, go away if you upgrade to the premium version.


  • Premium version is affordable
  • Several features come for free of cost


  • Inefficient call-blocking feature
  • Unwanted ads in the free version
  • Anti-theft features are unreliable

Kaspersky mobile antivirus

Also known as Kaspersky Internet Security for Android devices, this antivirus comes with a fantastic malware-protection function. Plus, the system impact is lighter in comparison, and the call blocker option works much better. Also, the free version is ad-free, and you will not receive frequent pop-ups urging you to upgrade to the premium version. If you are using the app for free, you will get features such as call-filtering, anti-theft, and Android Wear Support. Premium users, on the other hand, get the whole set of options.


  • Fantastic malware protection
  • Efficient call-blocking feature
  • The free version comes ad-free


  • Features are limited
  • Auto-scanning not available for free users

Lookout antivirus & security

Originally known as Lookout mobile security, this is the latest version of the same app that has been a constant favorite for several android users. It is considered as one of the best and most reliable in the industry. The user-friendly features, fewer ads, and clean interface are the major reasons for its consistent popularity. However, the free version of Lookout offers almost nothing to the users, and the premium version can be quite costly.


  • Identity-protection feature is great
  • Strong user-interface


  • Almost no free options
  • Slow and heavy impact scanning
  • Lack of proper malware-protection information

Final thoughts

Now that you know all the basic details about the best antivirus for android, it is time you install one of these. It is to make sure that your device runs smoothly and is at a safe distance from any time of malware and corruption.

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