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Vaping is considered to be a better alternative to smoking. It is considered cool to vape these days. Moreover, vaping has revolutionized smoking. It is a modern and digital replacement of conventional cigarettes. The reason why vaping has become so popular is that it is known as a healthier option, unlike traditional cigarette smoking. More and more people are switching to vaping. Thus, the vaping industry has experienced exponential growth. This has led to the rise of vape apps which help enhance your vaping liquid experience. The majority of the vape apps are available for both iOS and Android. If you are looking for the best vape apps for 2020, then you have come to the right place as this post looks at some of the most popular vape apps. These apps will complement your experience. Read on to find out which apps you should download on your smartphone. 

  1. Vape Boss

No post which looks at the best vape apps would be complete without Vape Boss. This popular app has been a big hit ever since its launch in the year 2014. It provides vapors with a great platform to interact with one another. From sharing exciting vaping ideas to taking pictures of one’s favorite vape flavors, Vape Boss is definitely one of the best vape apps out there. Take your vaping experience to the next level using this app. Furthermore, the app provides you with complete access to shopping platforms and vape related news. The best thing about the app is that it provides an intuitive user interface that is easy to navigate. Vape retailers can also use Vape Boss to promote their products.

  1. Vaffle
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If you are a hardcore vaper, then you need to check out Vaffle. It is the ultimate place to search for new vaping ideas or to share your vape experience. The app was introduced in 2018 and has a dedicated user base. The app has a platform that is somewhat similar to Instagram. It is the ideal place to share pictures and to be a part of the community. There are different tables such as product reviews, personal feed, and general feed where you can learn more. Many vapers use the app for creating their very own e-liquids.    

  1. E-Liquid Calculator

Anyone that prefers customized vaping will find E-Liquid Calculator to be their favorite app. As the year 2020 has arrived, more and more people are interested in creating their own unique flavors. With the help of E-Liquid Calculator, just about everyone can make their own customized flavor. If you have zero experience with mixing different compounds to create an exquisite flavor, then you just need to download E-Liquid Calculator to create your own high-quality e-liquid. It does not get easier than this.

  1. The Vape Tool

Use the Vape Tool to customize your vaping experience. The app is available for Android and is the perfect tool for vapers. It allows users to create their own top-quality coils.


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