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Constance Wu Husband

At present, more and more people are searching for information about Constance Wu Husband. The fact that you have landed on this page today proves that you are one of them. We have mentioned all the necessary information that will put to rest all your questions and doubts related to the husband or romantic partner of Constance Wu. Now, we are sure that you must be aware of who Constance Wu is. In fact, you might also be her fan.

But still, we will give a little introduction about this famous celebrity before discussing her relationship status and her current partner. Constance Wu is an American actress who has achieved success in her career in Hollywood due to her hard work and talent.

She is known for her performances in movies like “Watching TV with the Red Chinese”, “Deadly Revenge”, “Parallels”, “The Feels”, “Crazy Rich Asians”, “Hustlers”, and “I Was a Simple Man”. She has even performed in some short movies. Constance Wu has also done voice roles for a number of movies. She has even written and directed a short film titled “My Mother is Not a Fish”. She has also been a part of various television series. Constance Wu even appeared in a music video titled “Family Feud”.

Constance Wu Husband
Image Credit: BuzzFeed News

Her journey has been more difficult than many other actors and actresses because of her descent. Though she was born in the United States of America, she is of Chinese origin. Her parents moved from Taiwan to the USA before her birth. According to her, being an Asian has made her lose some projects. But instead of getting discouraged, she kept trying, and her efforts did not go in vain. She actively helps and supports immigrants and refugees by working with relevant organizations.

She even advocates an increase in the number of Chinese artists working in the movie industry. The actress came from a humble background but has built a huge name and fan following for herself. She has put her best foot forward in every project she has undertaken so far.

Who is Constance Wu Husband? What Does He Do?

Constance Wu is not married, so she does not have a husband, as of now. However, she is in a very happy relationship with Ryan Kattner, a well-known musician. Constance Wu and Ryan Katter have been in a relationship for more than two years now.

Constance Wu Husband
Image Credit: Idol Persona

However, the actress does not remember when they started dating. Nevertheless, the couple has become one of the most adored Hollywood couples. Constance Wu prefers to keep her personal life away from the spotlight. Hence, she was able to hide the news of dating Ryan Kattner for a considerable amount of time. People came to know about the existence of a relationship between the couple when the actress gave birth to a daughter in August 2020.

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While Constance Wu Husband is something you cannot learn about since Constance Wu is still unmarried, you can gather more information about her boyfriend Ryan Kattner. Born on August 3, 1978, Ryan Kattner is a musician and songwriter who has gained recognition for his work.

He is the lead singer of the indie rock band “Man Man”. He is more popular by the name “Honus Honus”, as it’s his stage name. He is also a screenwriter, actor, film/theater composer, and graphic novelist. Just like Constance Wu, Ryan Kattner is also an Asian. Another similarity between the two is the commitment to excellence. They both have earned a reputation after years of struggle.

Constance Wu Husband
Image Credit: Idol Persona

Not much is known about the daughter of Constance Wu and Ryan Kattner, as they keep her away from public eyes. They have not even revealed her name yet. The only thing that people know about her is that she has a Mongolian spot. The term ‘Mongolian Spot’ refers to a birthmark present on the butt of a newborn baby. It is also known by other names, such as ‘Congenital Dermal Melanocytosis’ and ‘Slate Gray Nevus’.

Babies born with this birthmark have blue butt cheeks for the first two years of their lives. Then, the color goes away automatically. This birthmark is common among Asian babies. As both Constance Wu and Ryan Kattner are Asians, their daughter is also Asian by origin.

Relationships of Constance Wu: Things to Know

Despite trying hard to keep her personal life private, Constance Wu has become the topic of headlines a few times due to her personal life. The fact that people are searching for Constance Wu Husband these days is proof. Constance Wu had been in relationships also before dating Ryan Kattner.

Constance Wu Husband
Image Credit: SuperbHub

The news regarding her relationship with Ben Hethcoat spread like wildfire. Ben Hethcoat and Constance Wu dated for quite a number of years. They first met each other for the first time in December 2011. They broke up in February 2018. Ben Hethcoat is an actor known for working in movies like “The Babysitter Murders”, “The Mortuary Collection”, “Best Friends Forever”, and “Show Yourself”.

As per some sources, Constance Wu had once tweeted about Valentine’s Day date to a bunny museum with Ben in the year 2015. She later deleted the tweet. It seems as if the Hustlers actress has a special love for bunnies. She has a pet rabbit whom she introduces to her friends and boyfriends.

Constance Wu: Current Happenings and Controversies

Now that you have found a satisfactory answer to your questions regarding “Constance Wu Husband”, let us tell you a bit about the current happenings in the life of the actress. We have also mentioned some details about the controversies surrounding Constance Wu.

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Constance Wu Husband
Image Credit: People

Constance Wu shared news about her second pregnancy via an Instagram story on February 21, 2023. She posted a picture of herself in the story. Her baby bump can be seen clearly in the photo. She also put a caption for the photo. The caption read, “Bun in the oven. Filipinese baby #2 Coming soon (red heart emoji)”. Even if she hadn’t posted her picture with a baby bump, people would have figured out about her pregnancy due to the news reports that included recent photos of her taking a walk at a park in Los Angeles.

In those photos, the baby bump of Constance Wu was quite visible. She had worn a striped shirt, black tights, and sneakers. Constance Wu had been subjected to sexual harassment, online harassment, judgment, and criticism. She received online hatred for dating Ben Hethcoat, as the actor was white. She talked openly about it during the Vulture Los Angeles Fest that took place in 2018.

She was again targeted by critics and the public online when she posted a tweet expressing her opinions on the news regarding the renewal of the show “Fresh Off the Boat”. In May 2018, news came out that the show was going to be renewed for its sixth and final season. Fresh Off the Boat is a television sitcom that belongs to the ABC Network. Constance Wu played the lead role in the series. This sitcom is believed to be the turning point in the career of the Crazy Rich Asians actress.

Constance Wu Husband
Image Credit: TheRecentTimes

But the actress was unhappy about the show’s revival, as she had to drop out of another project in which she was extremely interested. Her tweets and comments related to the news about the show’s revival received backlash from fellow Asian artists, critics, and fans alike. An unpleasant event associated with the show had also occurred that she disclosed much later. Constance Wu was harassed sexually by an unspecified producer of Fresh Off the Boat.

Constance Wu was so affected by all the backlash that she decided to commit suicide. She went to the balcony of her apartment on the fifth floor of a building situated in New York City. She decided to jump from the balcony. But a friend who visited her at that time stopped her from taking the drastic step and took her to a psychiatric emergency room. She underwent psychotherapy and even took a break from social media for three years to focus on her mental health.

Wrapping Up

We know you might be shocked at this stage because you wanted to know about Constance Wu Husband but discovered many other serious aspects and incidents of her life as well. It’s rightly said that the world of glamor is dark from within. Celebrities living in this world go through many ups and downs. In the end, we just hope that Constance Wu forgets her troublesome past and welcomes her second baby in a grand way.

Priya Bhagtani