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avoid duplicate content

Students have to go through a tough time while working on assignments. Working on assignments is not easy because they have very strict submission dates. Students have to complete the research work, perform the writing tasks and complete all other tasks before the submission date. A lot of students copy content intentionally or unintentionally. In both cases, copying content is considered a very unethical act. In case of academic assignments, research supervisors and academic heads take very stringent actions against students who submit copied papers. The academic and professional future of such students is tarnished.

Text Comparison Tools are the best solutions

While working on an assignment, students use different websites, journals, portals and other online sources to gather sufficient content. When it comes to rephrasing so much material, even the smartest students make mistakes. Once the assignment has been submitted, there is no turning back. In addition to that, not using a text comparison tool is taking chances. A text comparison tool comes in handy for avoiding duplicate content.

  1. Every line checked

Text comparison tools are technological applications which scan each line through automated means. This simply means that no part of the content would be skipped or missed. For most students, this is the biggest concern. Even if a single line of the submitted assignment is copied, the paper gets rejected. With a quality text comparison tool, you can be very sure that the content would undergo end to end checking. In other words, no part of the written information would be ignored.

  1. Fast text comparison results

Using a digital tool helps in saving a lot of time. For instance, you do not need to check anything manually. Once the content has been written, you do not have to read each line for checking copied content. Simply compare the created document with the source file and you would know whether any part of the content has been copied or not. This is much easier than performing the same check without using a tool.

  1. Saving time and energy
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Students have to put in a lot of time to complete assignments. It is not easy to compile so much content, rephrase it and then submit the paper on time. Using a text comparison tool saves precious time for both students and children. Children are able to complete the assignments even if the deadlines are hard. Other than that, teachers are able to check several papers at the same time. Not using a duplicate content checker tool increases their workload by more than 100 per cent.

  1. Quality text comparison tools are easy to use

It is a fact that a lot of tools present on the internet are very hard to understand and use. If someone does not have proper technical knowledge, it becomes very hard for such a person to use these technological tools. However, this problem is not present with all tools. A text comparison tool is simple to use. Here are some usage steps you have to follow.

  • To start with, you have to upload the file you have created. This file can be in the form of a document or the content can be pasted in text form. After that, you have to upload the file with which you need to perform the comparison. Once both the files have been uploaded, you should initiate the text comparison process. When the tool completes the process, if there are any sections that resemble in both the documents, you would know about them. If you see that any part of the content is similar, you can rephrase it and then execute the process again.

Using the high standard text comparison tool by

It is not easy to find a text comparison tool, which you can rely on completely. There are several tools present online but most of them do not perform a proper end to end checking, The Prepost SEO text comparison tool is one of the best options you can look at. To start with, there are not dependability issues with this tool. As a user, you can depend on it completely. In other words, you can be sure that the written text has been compared properly.

  • The Prepost SEO text comparison tool requires the user to complete few simple steps. There is no complicated process involved to perform this comparison. To start with, you have to select the two files which need to be compared with each other. These files can be uploaded using various methods. If you have the text in the form of documents, you can upload them directly. The Prepost SEO text comparison tool supports both .DOCX and PDF formats. The comparison can also be performed by entering the URL addresses of the two content sources.
  • Once the files have been uploaded, you can move on to the comparison step. The tool would compare the two text pieces and highlight the similarities (if any). If there are any similarities, you need to rephrase the affected content sections and run the process again. The comparison process has to be repeated until no similarities are left.
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Unlimited usage without any installations

The Prepost SEO text comparison tool is completely free and users do not need to make any payments. Other than that, there are no limitations on performing comparisons. Using this tool, you can perform as many comparisons as you want. It is hard to find a tool that offers such benefits to the users.


Whether you are working on an assignment as a student or preparing content for a proper presentation, the use of a text comparison tool is very important. This is simply because you cannot take any risk with content originality. A text comparison tool helps you in identifying sections between two files that are similar. If you are using a source file to work on a document, it may happen that some part of the content is copied. Using a text comparison tool before the submission is important. In this way, you get to know about content parts which need to be rephrased.