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How Started YouTube SEO

Despite YouTube being the second most visited site after Google, digital marketers are yet to understand the importance of optimizing YouTube for better visibility of your video content.You can easily find two similar videos, one with a million views and the other with almost negligible views. The difference between the two boils down to how well you optimize your content. Here’s everything you need to know How To Get Started With YouTube SEO.

Basic Optimization Techniques

Before we dive into the technicalities, here’s a basic understanding of YouTube SEO.

Keyword Research

Researching for popular keywords for Google is commonplace. However, people often forget that YouTube is also a video search engine. So, using appropriate keywords is as important on YouTube as it is on Google.

Now, the question is how to find popular keywords for YouTube.

You can do this by opening YouTube’s search box. Start by typing in a keyword. YouTube will automatically suggest some popular searches based on autocomplete feature.

You can also do this by using WhatsMySerp’s keyword feature. Remember to select “YouTube” instead of “Web” in the keyword section.

Track your YouTube rankings

You probably track your SERP rankings using a set of keywords. But why aren’t you doing this with YouTube? Many tools like WhatsMySerp can help you track where you rank in YouTube search results.

First 48 hours Are Important

Due to YouTube’s algorithms, the first 48 hours from posting a video are extremely crucial to determine if the boat will sail or drown. Therefore, it is important that you properly optimize your content before publishing it. 

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Make sure you use appropriate tags, thumbnails, descriptions, and titles for better views of your visual content.

Use keywords with low competition

If your YouTube channel is new, then you do not wish to compete against YouTube giants. To avoid this, choose low-ranking keywords. This way, you will be able to create your niche. For this, you can use a third-party tool like WhatsMySerp for SERP checking or choose Google.

For example, search “cake” on Google. You will have 139 crore search results. Too much competition!

Now search for “red velvet cake.” You will have around 11 crore search results. Much less competition!

And That’s how you choose keywords!

Optimizing Your Videos For Google Search

SERPs often have videos as results. For instance, if you type “how to make Oreo cake at home,” you are more likely to find YouTube videos on the top of the search results.

The key to increasing your video views is optimizing your content for google searches.

Encourage Comments On Your Videos

Why would people comment on your posts? If they love the post.

But why are comments important? They certainly make the creator happy. But along with that, comments are a way to tell YouTube that your content is amazing. 

So, make sure you ask your viewers to comment. 

However, do not blandly ask them to do so. Make sure your content is interactive. Ask their suggestions for future videos, or ask about their experiences!

Finding Your Competitor’s Popular Videos

In order to find out the popular videos of your competitor, go to their page and click on sort by. Select most popular. Check out the videos and check to figure out the keywords used for the articles. You will get an idea of what keywords should be used for better optimization of videos.

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Analyzing YouTube Content Using WhatsMySerp

Once you have optimized and uploaded your videos, you will want to track your performance. This can be done using WhatsMySerp Tool.

WhatsMySerp is an all-in-one SEO suite that comprises various tools like keyword checker, rank tracker, local tracker, CPC tool, and more.

How to use WhatsMySerp for YouTube analysis?

  • First, sign up on the WhatsMySerp website. Its SERP checker is free. No credit card details are required.
  • Next, click on SERP and Rank Checker option.
  • The screen shall contain three elements- URL, location, and keywords.
  • Enter the YouTube link of your website. Choose a specific location and the keywords you wish to track.

That’s it. You are done. WhatsMySerp’s rank tracker will display the rank of your video on YouTube search results. It will also suggest measures to improve your current ranking.

Further, WhatsMySerp’s keyword search can help you choose relevant keywords for your channel. For instance, if your channel is new, then you should prefer keywords with low competition.

To check this, use the keyword research tool of WhatsMySerp. Enter a keyword and find out its difficulty score. We suggest any score below 40 for new YouTube creators.

Summing Up

Presently, digitalization has revolutionized the world. Since digital presence is mandatory today for better reach, a lot of businesses are showing up online. This has definitely raised competition. How To Get Started With YouTube SEO

 Therefore, it becomes important to adopt SEO techniques. SEO is not just limited to a search engine but also to YouTube. 

So, if you are wondering why your video is not getting enough views despite good content, check out YouTube SEO. Optimize your content and analyze it for better rankings on YouTube search results.

Till then, happy vlogging!


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