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digital channel marketing

Digital channel marketing has become one of the most effective and fastest ways of marketing. People nowadays have become more and more tech-savvy. The standard way of marketing uses either indirect or direct methods of reaching out to targeted customers. These methods are pretty clear-cut and very simple. So, you just need to invest money, perform a set of actions, and get results. The business and marketing landscape has changed a lot in recent years, however. Traditional methods that were effective before may not be as effective in this current market. As the market is powered by the complexities and the vast wealth of opportunities – of the Internet.

That is why your brand and business must establish and maintain a robust online presence. To be competitive enough to reach out to targeted audiences. Traditional marketing rules do not necessarily apply in current scenarios. However, new markets and new doors of opportunities are made available – that is only accessible through digital channel marketing. But with several tools for Internet marketing general, which are the best and worthy enough to focus on while bringing you steps closer to your business goals? Here are some examples of digital channel marketing.

Digital channel marketing through email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective digital channel marketing processes that can give businesses an ROI of up to 4,300%. When companies perform lead generation, promotion, and other marketing strategies, they collect contact information like phone numbers and email addresses from potential customers, including permissions to send them updates and additional information through email.

digital channel marketing


Paid advertising channels like PPC or Pay-Per-Click advertising deliver highly targeted traffic of potential customers within a brief period. This method, however, is driven by how much you are willing to invest in bidding and placing ad placements. Also, how much you are ready to pay for acquiring one customer. Still, your advertising budget is within your control, enabling you to set how much you have to spend for a day, a week, or a month running your PPC ads. PPC ads’ effectiveness relies on how well you choose your keywords for targeting potential customers and optimizing the visual and contextual information in your ads.

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Digital channel marketing through search Engine Optimization

SEO or search engine optimization is one of the most trusted digital channel marketing processes. People using the Internet are familiar and use search engines to look for anything they want to know or are searching for. Up to 93% of online experiences happening to these people usually begin by using a search engine. People use search engines to look for information about a brand, product, or service, and up to 59% of search engine users each month find a local business to satisfy a particular need. SEO involves several activities like keyword research, both on-page and off-page optimization, linkable assets creation, organic link building, and other related activities.

digital channel marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social media is one of the most remarkable things to happen in the digital arena that business owners and digital marketers can leverage to create brand awareness for their products and services. Through Social Media Marketing (SMM), digital marketers can reach out to highly targeted potential customers through direct and person-to-person engagement. The most popular social media marketing platforms are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, and many more.

Digital channel marketing through display Ads

Many people visit blogs, forums, and other websites that are interesting or useful to them. Digital channel marketers can reach out to these potential customers by placing relevant display ads on these third-party sites. These include boxes, banners, video ads, interactive ads, interstitial ads, overlays, and other similar ads linked to a landing page or website. Display advertising creates greater brand awareness and generates highly targeted traffic that may convert into leads or sales. Payments for these display ads are usually based on Cost-Per-Impression (CPM). Which is generally more cost-effective than the Cost-Per-Click (CPC) scheme typical of PPC advertising.

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digital channel marketing

Content Marketing

Content is at the heart of every digital channel marketing campaign. It is the one central element that will remain constant despite the many changes in the marketplace. Your website and other internet marketing real estate will generate considerable inbound traffic from highly targeted audiences. This would happen with suitable, high-quality, and very relevant content. Up to 73% of digital marketers in the B2B arena are increasing content marketing activities this 2014. The range includes text, graphics, videos, and other related materials people are looking for and are very interested in.

Affiliate Marketing

If you need to reach a broader and more global audience, you need not hire someone from other locations. They sell your products – a perfect example of the pay-per-performance online business model. Global e-commerce sales exceeded 1.2 trillion dollars last 2013, according to eMarketer.  The affiliate marketing was doing its share to boost this market up. On the other hand, Forrester predicts affiliate marketing to reach up to $4.5 billion by 2016.

Online Public Relations

Online PR can be considered a part of Content Marketing. Certainly, the main principle is to create promotional content to generate branding and generate traffic through online PR network exposure. Some of these channels are free to join, while some require some joining/subscription fees before publishing press releases.

Steps to follow as a startup

Now you have come to know that these are the digital channel marketing platforms. So when you are going to promote your new company or business through digital marketing channels. You need to follow few steps to make it successful. These are:

  • Define your primary company goals for using Digital Marketing channels.
  • Define your budget allocation.
  • Identify Your Available talent.

To sum up, this is how you can promote your business through digital channel marketing. It is always better to contact a digital marketing company and get expert advice about the promotion process. Although, not all of these digital marketing tools are applicable or will work with your business. But, you need to perform a carefully planned set of actions. They will enable you to learn, test, and measure the results and performance of the digital marketing business tool.

Vikram Deo