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Facebook and WhatsApp are two most popular and widely used social media apps having millions of active users worldwide. The social networking platforms were developed to enable users to communicate with people across the world in the most efficient and costless way. The people get introduced to each other without any restriction of country, language, culture, color, race, religion or any other difference.

However, there are certain risks associated with the unbridled use of these social apps. A number of social media users have become victim of cyber bullying, online child predation, scamming and sexting. The teenagers are more likely to experience potential dangers of social networking platforms. The studies confirm that teens and tweens spend more than nine hours a day using social media apps including Facebook. The unsupervised use of these social media apps causes them to experience several risks.

Fortunately, there is a way to protect kids from the dangers of social media apps and one of those ways is social media monitoring. There is an app that enables parents to monitor social media chats of their kids to ensure their online security. This article discusses how parents can hack Facebook and WhatsApp chat of their kids by tracking their android mobile phones with android tracker app.


Facebook is the most popular social networking platform that allows users to post and share their memories, events and opinions with the people across the world. The popularity of this social app has attracted many predators and scammers to access and trap the target. They use information provided by the target on Facebook and misuse it for creating a trap. This information may include target’s contact details, residential details, routines, habits, liking and disliking.

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How to Hack Facebook Chat

If your kid is receiving threatening messages from a bully or being trapped by predators for sexual purposes, the Facebook spy app lets you know about it. You can read the messages received and sent by your kids via Facebook messenger. To get access to their online chats, you only need to install their android smartphones with TheOneSpy cell phone tracker app.

The tracker app lets you monitor every single social media activity of your children including their social media chats and posts. The app automatically syncs Facebook chats stored on the monitored android mobile phone. This chat is then uploaded by the tracker app to the online control panel of TheOneSpy. Parents can sign into the online portal of the tracker app to read the incoming and outgoing Facebook messages of kids.        


WhatsApp is one of the most commonly used instant messaging apps enabling users to exchange text, multimedia, GPS location and links. Anyone can create an account on WhatsApp messenger by providing an authentic mobile phone number. The messenger verifies your account with the help of this mobile phone number. After successful installation, the app syncs the contact list and allows users to communicate with contacts that are already using WhatsApp.

The instant messaging app offers messaging, audio calling, video calling and status update. These features are manipulated by scoundrels to trap the target. For example, the predators misuse media sharing feature of the app to share sexually explicit content with the target. The bullies can send threatening messages to harass the victim.      

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How to Hack WhatsApp Chat

The WhatsApp spy software lets you track chats of your children including their incoming and outgoing text messages, voice messages and video messages. You can even track WhatsApp calls to know whom your kids are in contact with and from whom they receive calls and to whom they make calls. Also, the cell phone tracker app lets you capture activities performed on the instant messenger with the help of remote screen recording.

TheOneSpy WhatsApp spy app lets you track online activities performed on an android mobile phone. It creates online backup of incoming and outgoing instant messages and uploads to the online control panel. It also syncs call logs and provides contact detail of message senders, message receiver, call maker and call recipient. In short, you can witness every social media activity of your concerned ones by tracking their android smartphones.

The android tracker app lets you spy on many other social media and instant messaging apps.